“I finally found a workout I can stick with” - Anna T

After years of bouncing between different workouts, Anna T., 36, found Pvolve—and now she’s devoted to her studio classes. 

How’s this for a love story: I took my first Pvolve class on Valentine’s Day, 2022. I was coming out of a breakup, managing a heavy workload, and I needed something just for me. While scrolling through the ClassPass app, I noticed Pvolve. Intrigued by the functional movement explanation, I decided to give it a try.  

My first class was with Mel at the New York City Soho Studio. Was it love at first sight—or sweat? Not exactly. The classic Pvolve moves, like internal rotations, felt foreign to me. But Mel taught an amazing class—the energy hyped me up and took my mind off of work and my ex—and I knew I had to come back.  

Results I’d Never Seen Before 

When I started Pvolve, I wasn’t new to working out. I used to do yoga, reformer Pilates, and low-impact, high-intensity classes. But Pvolve was the first studio I truly committed to. Each class is different, so I never get bored. Now, I take a class three to four times a week. It’s non-negotiable for me. Everyone at my office knows that on my Pvolve days, I’m out the door at 6:00 p.m. in order to make my class.  

The consistency—combined with some tweaks to my diet—has changed my body in ways I never experienced with other workouts. During class a few weeks ago, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe it was my reflection. My abs were more defined than ever. I see the payoff in my arms, thighs, and even my butt (which was previously nonexistent, if I’m being honest). Now it’s got a little perkiness and shape to it!  

My energy levels have also jumped and I just feel better head to toe. Sitting at the computer for long stretches of time used to trigger lower back pain for me. But strengthening my body has helped nix that discomfort and improve my posture.  

Real World Payoffs 

Pvolve has made me a believer in functional movement. I’ve noticed that daily activities, like walking up a flight of stairs, leave me less winded. But I really put Pvolve to the test during a solo birthday trip to Dominica last May. I booked a wellness package to treat myself, which came with daily massages and outdoor activities, including a challenging hike up to a waterfall. I had every intention of skipping that—I was there for the pampering, not the peaks! But I changed my mind, and I am so glad I did. 

The hike was steep and slippery—and I powered through it! I felt strong and like a total badass, and it made me realize that Pvolve was transforming my life outside the studio too. I found myself relying on go-to Pvolve techniques (like those internal rotations that tripped me up during my first class) to maneuver up and down the mountain, and had zero problem keeping my footing on the uneven terrain. All those Pvolve classes spent improving my balance on the Slant Board really paid off! 

Sharing the Pvolve Love 

I gush about Pvolve to anyone who will listen, and feel so lucky that I found this workout. I recently started ending the work week with a Friday evening Pvolve class. It’s the perfect way to shake off stress and give my body and mental health some TLC. 

I know that starting a new workout can be intimidating, but everyone is welcome at the Pvolve studio, and the classes are made up of people from different backgrounds and with different body shapes. Each interaction I have—from the warm welcome at the front desk to the cheerleading from the instructor during class—reminds me why I keep at this: Because I love it. And if you ask me, it’s impossible not to fall for Pvolve! 

Anna T - 100 Classes

5 of my Pvolve highlights 

1. Discovering a diverse workout community

Everyone is so sweet and welcoming at the Pvolve studio, and I love that the classes attract people of all backgrounds and fitness levels. 

2. Finding a stress outlet

My job can be a lot, but my Pvolve classes are a much-needed release.  

3. Seeing my new definition

Um, check out those abs! 

4. Gaining newfound confidence

I credit Pvolve for giving me the strength to tackle a tough hike while traveling. 

5. Committing to my health

Pvolve has given me something I can stick with, and the studio classes never disappoint. Each one is different, so I never get bored! 
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