How Your Workout Can Help Your PMS Symptoms

No matter what you call your period, you know that it comes with ups and downs, unexpected surprises and a whole lot of unanswered questions. 

There is so much to know when it comes to menstruation and movement. We get the dread and lack of motivation that often arrives at the same time as your period, but we're here to help you turn it all around with your workouts.

Q: How can working out during your period help alleviate cramps and pains?

This may come as a shock but it all boils down to blood flow. Exercising during your period increases circulation and gets things moving that would otherwise remain stagnant and exacerbate those dreaded, painful PMS symptoms so many of us experience. This is all caused by an inflammatory response (and why Midol and other pain relievers are a first line of defense against this....) but the low-impact movement can also be a great tool in alleviating that inflammation without introducing anything potentially harmful into your body. 

Q: How can working out during your period help with bloating?

Like painful PMS symptoms, bloating can turn your world upside down. You can’t button your jeans, nothing looks appetizing, and you feel like you have hooked yourself up to the garden hose at full power with no end in sight. (Maybe that’s dramatic, but there are many points on this spectrum!) Similar to its ability to alleviate pain, movement can also help reduce bloating. Getting things moving is the name of the game but our minds also play a part.

Some say when you feel good, you look good—so get a little sweaty and an extra dose of endorphins and kiss that bloat goodbye. And don't forget to stay hydrated during your period and avoid processed foods high in sodium that can exacerbate bloating. Exercise and nutrition work hand-in-hand against unwanted PMS symptoms.

Q: How can working out during your period help with PMS or moodiness?

Endorphins. Research on the relationship between exercise and mood continues to show that exercise alleviates negative as well as enhances positive mood states, and we can all attest to that post-Pvolve high. So, take advantage of our PMS prescription and move your body!

Q: Why is the Pvolve Method, in particular, beneficial in treating these issues?

The Pvolve Method is beneficial in alleviating these dreaded monthly visitors because it works with your body instead of against it. We’ve all been through seasons of time where stress has been a factor in our lives and our period (and the symptoms) are affected because of that stress. If you stress the body in how you approach your workouts, you could potentially have similar, negative effects on your period.

By engaging in high-intensity, low-impact exercise, you get to bolster the body, move in a way that comes naturally, build mind-body connection, and maybe even move toward your goals at the same time. Listen to your body and what kind of movement it's craving, and we promise we have a class for you — from cardio to recovery. Our Phase & Function program is the perfect place to start.

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