Kickstart 2020 with our 8-week program that will elevate you to peak performance.


Stream 36 workouts from 1/1-2/29 to reach the top of the summit with total-body results.

  • Complete challenge to earn a $25 cash equivalent gift card.
  • Submit a before and after photo to receive an exclusive piece of P.volve branded apparel and exclusive offers from our partners.

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Our special Summit 60 bundle features every piece of P.volve's essential equipment plus two months of streaming for $426.99.


Complete 36 classes from 1/1-2/29 to reach the top of the summit with total-body results.

  • Receive a 3-class credit in your account upon completion.
  • Submit a before and after photo to receive an exclusive piece of P.volve branded merchandise.


How do I sign up for the challenge?
Sign up via Current streamers can also enter the challenge through the sign up page on Studio-goers can check in at reception to get started.
What do I need to do to complete the challenge?
Simply complete all 36 streaming workouts! Or, if you’re a studio goer, our reception desk will track your 36 workouts on your personal punch card.
Is there a prize for completing all 36 workouts during the challenge period in streaming?
If you participate in the streaming challenge you’ll win a $25 cash equivalent gift card and an incredible transformation that will guide you through the rest of your journey with P.volve. You’ll also get a $30 credit to your Hungryroot account. Studio-goers will receive three classes credited to their accounts.
I want to show you my results! How can I submit a before and after photo?
You’ll be able to upload this on the dashboard within Upload a photo of you before you start the challenge then upload another one after you’ve completed the challenge. You can upload as many as you would like, but submit the best photo of your choice with your transformation story. For studio-goers, you can email a picture to The last day to submit photos is March 2.
What do I get if I send proof of my transformation?
An exclusive piece of branded merchandise and offers from some of P.volve’s partners!
When will I get my prize?
If you finish the challenge, your prizes will be sent out by March 6.
I live near a studio but also stream. Can I do both challenges?
You can sign up for both challenges—and should! However, they’ll be counted separately and workouts can’t be combined from one challenge to the other.
How many workouts can I count per day?
Only one workout will count each day. The program is designed to teach you the proper form and movements while giving your muscles rest; therefore, we don’t advise on doubling up on workouts in this series. If you’re looking for more P.volve after your Summit workout, we recommend pairing it with a 10-Minute Boost that focuses on specific areas of the body.
I completed a workout, but it’s not being logged into my account. Can you help?
If you are missing credit for one of your workouts, please email
What equipment will I need to complete the streaming challenge?
The Summit 60 uses every single piece of P.volve equipment to help you get the most out of the method. In the first two weeks, you’ll use all items found in our Ultimate P.volve Package—both sets of ankle weights, p.ball, hand weights, and both ankle bands. In the third week, you’ll incorporate the slant board, and in the fourth week you’ll use the p.3 trainer along with the Precision Foam Roller.
Can I still complete this if I don’t have all of the equipment?
Absolutely! Though this challenge was designed with equipment in mind, you can still use your own body weight as resistance and still get amazing results. Just be sure to engage your muscles through every movement and prioritize form, as always.
When should I expect to see a new workout?
Workouts will be uploaded each Wednesday from the start of the challenge to the end of the challenge. For the first four weeks, you will see four new workouts per week. For the last four, there will be five workouts per week.
Do I need to start each week on a Wednesday?
Nope! You can start on whenever works for your schedule. Keep in mind, however, that the schedule was created in a specific order to get the best intended results.
When should I have my rest days?
Factor in rest days based on your own schedule. On weeks with four workouts, recommend two days on, two days off. Most importantly, prioritize how your body feels over a strict, regimented schedule.
How experienced do I need to be to participate?
The Summit 60 was designed for users at every level. For those who are new to P.volve, the first week will be dedicated to teaching you the proper form and fundamentals to prepare for your workout journey. For those who are more experienced with P.volve, the first week will be about perfecting form and reactivating muscles to kickstart the New Year.
How can I be sure my nutrition stays on track during the challenge, too?
All Summit 60 participants get exclusive access to our partner Hungryroot, a personalized grocery service. Participants get 30% off orders over $99, plus free healthy cookie dough in every order. Click here to set up your first delivery. For more information on how to start shopping with Hungryroot, visit Hungryroot’s Help Center.
Do 10-Minute Boost videos count toward completed summit workouts?
No, only designated Summit 60 workouts will count toward your completed 36 days. The 10-Minute Boosts were designed to offer you a bit more time and sweat with a specific area of your body.
Can I add additional workouts each week along the summit?
Each week has a minimum of four workouts. If you’re looking to add more, we recommend adding two more workouts for a total of six workouts per week and one rest day. Keep in mind that only designated summit workouts will count toward your 36 completed each day.
How will my before and after images be used?
If you choose to allow P.volve to share your transformation story to motivate others, they will go on our website, social media, and other channels, but only with your initials and city to protect your identity and privacy.