60 minutes

This class is focused on activating muscle groups in the hips, thighs and glutes to strengthen, firm and trim the entire thigh and butt area. We pair targeted techniques with the P.ball, our proprietary piece of equipment, to help lift and firm the glutes while toning and lengthening the inner thighs, and accentuating deep definitions in the lower body. All of the moments in this class are focused on achieving one result: toned, tight inner thighs and a strong, lifted booty!

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Total Body

60 minutes

This class is all about sculpting the body as a whole with motions to lengthen, strengthen and sculpt all important muscle groups. Upper body, lower body, and core muscles are activated and engaged with slow and precise movement patterns and toning exercises, using a variety of equipment and levels of resistance. You will walk out of this class feeling taller, longer and stronger.

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Personal Training

Whether you are looking for ongoing one-on-one direction or a few lessons to get you going and perfect your form, P & his team are happy to help. For personal training inquiries, please email