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The path will help actively advance your journey throughout the program.

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0-1499 Steps


1500-2999 Steps


3000+ Steps


Ways To Earn

Everything you do will give you more Steps to advance along the path.

create a store account

200 steps

Make a purchase

5 steps per dollar

Write a product review

100 steps

Refer a friend

Give $20, Get $20


100 steps

celebrate your birthday

500 steps


100 steps


100 steps

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Still have questions? We've got your answers here.

What is the P.volve Path?

The P.volve Path is a free member rewards program offered to all customers upon signup. Every time you make a purchase, you’ll earn Steps and redeem them to get rewards to make your workouts even better.

What are Steps?

Steps are like dollars, but better. Along the path, you’ll get Steps in order to move up tiers in the program. With each step, you won’t only get more access, but you’ll become more well-versed and advanced in every P.volve movement and workout.

How will I move my way along The Path?

With each purchase or referral, you’ll earn Steps to advance you to a new tier in the program:

The Seeker

All members are automatically a Seeker upon enrollment in the program. Your status remains the same while you have 0-1499 Steps. Seekers earn five Steps per dollar spent ($) and receive early access to promotions, new products, events and more.

The Mover

Members enter into the Mover tier when they reach 1500 Steps and remain in that tier until they exceed 2999 steps. As part of their benefits, Movers earn six Steps per dollar spent ($), receive a free standard shipping coupon on their next purchase, as well as exclusive access to promotions, new products, events and more. 

The Evolver

When members reach 3000 steps, they are entered into the highest tier, Evolver. As part of their benefits, Evolvers earn seven Steps per dollar spent, receive a free standard shipping coupon and a 10% off coupon, as well as VIP-access to promotions, new products, events and more.

How do I earn Steps?

You must earn Steps to move up a tier. Each action below will get you a different number of Steps:

i. Create a store account: 200 Steps, 1x per customer

ii. Celebrate a birthday: Once/year, 500 Steps

iii. Make an online purchase: Unlimited, 5 Steps/$

iv. Write a product review: Once per week per product, 100 Steps

v. Follow/Like on social: Once per customer on Instagram and Facebook, 100 Steps each

vi. Share on social: Once a month on Facebook, 100 Steps

vii. Invite friends: Give $20, get $20

Where do I check my Steps?

You can check your Steps by clicking the icon on the lower right hand corner on pvolve.com. 

How do I know if my Steps have been successful?

Your Steps will update on pvolve.com in real time. However, if you believe you should have more steps than you currently do, reach out to us at help@pvolve.com.

Do I get Steps for purchasing P.volve items in studio?

At this time, Steps are only earned for purchases on pvolve.com.

Do I get Steps for streaming P.volve classes or taking classes in-studio?

At this time, Steps are only earned on equipment and retail purchases, not on streaming or in-studio packages.

Will I lose Steps if I cancel or refund an order?

Yes, when an order is canceled or refunded, your Steps for that order will automatically be deducted from your balance.

I purchased something but didn’t receive any Steps. What’s going on?

Steps are only assigned to members who sign up to be part of the P.volve Path. If you believe you should have more Steps than you currently do, reach out to us at help@pvolve.com.

Do my Steps expire?

Steps expire after one year of inactivity. As an active member, you have from January1-December 31 to achieve the next tier in the program.

Can I earn Steps when I purchase a gift card?

You will not earn Steps for the purchase of a gift card from the P.volve website. The Steps are earned by the recipient of the gift card upon spending.

How do I leave a product review?

Product reviews are only accessible to members after purchasing that product. These reviews are emailed to members two weeks after purchase, so again keep an eye on your inbox for one.

*note: 1 review per week

I am already a P.volve member, do I need to join? Is my previous spend included?

Yes, you’ll need to join The P.volve Path even as an already existing studio or streaming member. Your prior spend is not included; however, you’ll get a 200-Step bonus for joining the program!

Which tier am I in?

You can check your tier status by clicking the icon on the lower right hand corner on pvolve.com.

Can I redeem my discount in-studio?

At this time you cannot use your discounts to purchase classes, but you can use it to purchase any apparel, equipment, or merchandise.

Why am I not receiving any emails about The P.volve Path program?

Your email may have been recorded incorrectly in our system. Please check that your details are correct in your account, and be sure to check your junk mail, too. If you continue to experience issues, reach out to us at help@pvolve.com.