The first ever program designed specifically for people going through ovarian stimulation and retrieval during the egg donation, egg freezing, and IVF process. Created in partnership with Spring Fertility.

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One of the most common questions people going through the ovarian stimulation process ask is what they can do if they would like to continue to work out.

With special concerns for avoiding movements that can up the chances of exercise-induced ovarian torsion, they've had few options—and no dedicated workout plan. Until now.

Meet the Program Tailored to Those in Fertility Treatment

From the experts at P.volve and Spring Fertility comes a first-of-its-kind slow and steady workout program that avoids the jumping, twisting, and excessive pelvis movements that doctors advise against during this period. We also provide restorative techniques as well as Q&As with doctors in the field to help along the way. It's all created for those who crave movement and self-care through the ovarian stimulation process—and it's here for you whenever you need it.*

*As with any fitness program, consult your doctor before starting.

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What to Expect

Tailored Workouts

Each workout is made with guidance from our medical experts to follow the hormonal fluctuations of your treatment cycle in mind. Think slow, focused moves without twisting.

Restorative Techniques

Turn to our stretching sessions to help ease aches and relaxing meditations to keep you focused on the moment.

Educational Talks

Spring Fertility's Dr. Kolbe Hancock, MD, and Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Shannon DeVore, MD, (of P.volve's Clinical Advisory Board) provide answers to your most pressing questions.

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Created by Our Experts

The trainer and doctors behind the series.

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