P.ball Strap Extender
P.ball Strap Extender
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P.ball Strap Extender



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All about your P.ball Strap Extender

An extender strap for our signature piece of equipment, the P.ball, to provide extra length and more comfort. Available in 7" and 9" lengths. 

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Yes—our strap serves as a heavy resistance band all on its own. We recommend adjusting your hooks to the tighter rows as needed to ensure your band continues to provide adequate resistance.
Simply attach to your P.ball strap with the hook and eye fasteners on either end to add length.
A sculpting ball held by a removable heavy resistance band that can be used in countless ways to strengthen your glutes, thighs, core, and arms. The first fitness tool we launched our Method with, it’s a thoughtfully designed piece we use in our workouts to work the full body, including all those hard-to-hit areas.
Our Method is based around the magic that happens when you use our movement and equipment together. However, we offer classes that use only bodyweight and basic equipment for a taste of our approach to fitness if you’d rather try it out with a 7-day free trial or just want to get started before your equipment arrives.