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News Flash: Streaming Updates! July 24, 18

News Flash: Streaming Updates!

It has been eight crazy months since I launched P.volve and brought my method and workouts to all of you. I remember being so eager to launch the streaming and throw as many workouts as I possibly could up on the website, and now I truly cannot believe how many streamers are out there from all over the world!

I love being able to interact with you and hear all of your success stories and transformations, not to mention getting all your feedback on how the streaming could be brought to a whole new level. Believe me, I hear you! Which is why I have listened to all of your comments and suggestions and have been working on some pretty big transformations, myself.

I want you to have the absolute best experience possible working out with me and doing my method. In my mind, I am your personal trainer, and I want you to feel like I am right there with you in your home!

It is with great anticipation that I introduce you to our new streaming library. Upon logging in, you will find an assessment that I designed just for you so that you can create your very own personalized monthly workout schedule. You can pick and choose everything from the areas of the body you want to focus on most, the length of videos, the equipment you own, the days you like to work out—even the time of day! You will be able to get reminders on workout days to make sure you get our session in, and your calendar will keep track. Don’t like the workout I selected for you? All good-- you can always replace it with one of your favorites.

That said, with so many videos in the library, it can be overwhelming to pick your workout and all too easy to fall into a trap of only doing your favorites. Well, this custom calendar takes the thought process out of choosing, while ensuring we are always switching up your workouts. All you have to do is show up and I’ll be there waiting to crush it together!

Of course, you will always have access to the full library if you feel like straying from the calendar. Got a vacation coming up? Tack on an extra workout the week before, and pick a quickie before you hit the beach!  And in case you were wondering, yes-- my fitness plans, such as the 30-day, 6-day, and 3-day, will all still be there along with some new challenging plans yet to come! You may notice, however, that I have removed a few of the individual videos in the library so as to replace them with even more top-knotch workouts. We’ve come a long way since November and I want to make sure I am delivering the best content, so while I will be removing one or two workouts a month, I’ll be sharing two new, high quality workouts every week.

If you are brand new to the P.volve workout, I strongly recommend you click the “Beginners & Tutorials” tab and start there. This is where you will find tutorials on how to perfect your form as well as beginner workouts where I will teach you all the fundamental movements to set you up for success throughout your P.volve practice. As you continue through the program you will always be able to go back and select different body areas, add more equipment, switch up your on/off days, and continue to evolve together.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep track of your progress. This is one of my favorite features about the streaming site. Even all the girls I workout with in the gym take before and after’s, keep track of their measurements, write down their goals, and record weekly workouts. This has a huge effect on keeping them motivated, and nothing is more empowering then physically seeing the changes happen as you continue to meet your fitness goals.

I can’t wait for you guys to start taking advantage of all these new features. As always, please comment and email in with questions and more suggestions! This is an ongoing evolution and I am right there with you. You guys truly have made P.volve a global movement (and oh so soon to be even more mobile—hint, hint). I promise to continually grow and improve my method to make it the best it can be—you just have to promise me you’ll do the same for yourself. Your results are what motivate me each and every morning to do better, learn more and create more. I’m all in—are you?



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Post by Stephen Pasterino

Hi, I'm P, founder of P.volve. I'm passionate about fitness, wellness, and all of the healthy lifestyle choices in between. Get more out of your workouts by staying up to date with our Blog, where I share all of my fitness secrets.

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