Premium P.volve Kit + 3 Months Streaming - $19.99/mo

Premium P.volve Kit + 3 Months Streaming - $19.99/mo

Premium P.volve Kit + 3 Months Streaming - $19.99/mo



This is the premium P.volve kit, containing the P.ball and!  With this purchase, you can access streaming for $19.99/month*.


The P.ball’s revolutionary ball + resistance band holds the ball up high between the thighs to activate hard-to-reach muscles in your core, glutes and thighs; unlike any exercise ball on the market.  An optional extender and air pump ensure a comfortable, secure fit; allowing you to focus on your form. 

There are multiple P.ball workouts in p.volve streaming. You can start your free trial here


The is designed to strengthen & sculpt lean strong arms.  The gloves ensure the band stays secured to your hands while performing movements.  The length of the band is very specific to allow for a full range of motion while maintaining constant tension.  The arm and hand positions determine which part of the upper body are activated; even the slightest angle adjustment will target different muscles, sculpting them and making the body stronger as a whole.

The comes with a user brochure that includes access to 2 workouts (Total Run Time: 67 Minutes). There are also multiple workouts in P.volve streaming.  You can start your free trial here.  

Patent Pending on P.ball and


P.volve on demand streaming give you access to 180+ p.volve workouts for all fitness levels.  It features multiple P.ball and workouts.

*Within 48 business hours of this Premium P.volve Kit purchase you will receive an email from with a special code to access streaming at $19.99/month for 3 months. That is a $10.00 savings per month.  After the 3 months, the reoccurring cost will be $29.99.  No risk - cancel at anytime.   


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