Pelvic Floor Function Kit Equipment
Pelvic Floor Function Kit Equipment
Pelvic Floor Function Kit Equipment
Pelvic Floor Function Kit Equipment
Pelvic Floor Function Kit Equipment

Pelvic Floor Function Kit Equipment

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Prioritize your pelvic floor with the Pelvic Floor Function Kit11 pieces of equipment that will help you engage your deepest core muscles and surrounding areas. With this kit, you'll have every piece of equipment needed to improve the function of your pelvic floor, whether you are experiencing under or over-active pelvic floor issues.

Your kit includes a three-month digital membership to put your equipment to use with our various pelvic floor-focused series that will activate and stretch these muscles while working the rest of the body. Continue your P.volve journey with access to over 400+ videos that will help to improve your posture, stability, mobility, balance and core strength.

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This combination of weighted and resistance equipment will give you everything you need to prioritize pelvic floor health and guide you throughout the rest of your P.volve journey:

  • p.ball: the most dynamic and muscle-sculpting resistance ball
  • the upper-body strengthening tool that prioritizes posture
  • p.3 trainer: a first-of-its-kind resistance tool that defines the entire body
  • 2 lb. hand weights: no-slip and effective to sculpt the arms, back and core
  • light ankle band: moderate resistance to tone the hips, thighs and glutes
  • heavy ankle band: heavier resistance to provide an intense, focused burn on the outer thighs and glutes
  • light ankle weights: a lower-body toning essential
  • heavy ankle weights: more challenging weight to hit every hard-to-reach muscle
  • gliders: easy-to-glide discs to lengthen the lower body
  • slant board: a bamboo slanted board made to deeply activate the glutes and improve balance and stability
  • precision foam roller: a recovery necessity that doubles as an extra 2.4 lbs of weight
  • three-month digital membership: get access to our on-demand platform, which includes various pelvic-floor focused series to put your equipment to work
  • live virtual studio ($180 value): get unlimited access to live classes via Zoom to bring the in-studio experience to your home

Your on-demand membership is an all-access pass to our method and includes:

VIDEO LIBRARY: Pick from our robust library of cardio, sculpting and recovery videos with new content added three times a week so you never get bored or plateau.

FILTER BY GOAL: Stay on track with programs designed for desired results, body part focus or time frames.

TRAINER TIME: Tap into the expertise of our world-class training talent who teach and motivate you with every move to achieve your goals.

UNLIMITED LIVE VIRTUAL STUDIO: Your membership currently includes complimentary access to the Live Virtual Studio ($180 value).

This kit goes hand-in-hand with both the Pelvic Floor Strengthening series and Pelvic Floor Release series on our platform that prioritize pelvic floor function, improve the mind to muscle connection, and help you better connect to your core. Continue your journey after the program with access to over 400+ videos on our digital platform.

For any purchase of a set, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. That means you can give our equipment a try and if within 30 days you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, we’ll issue a full refund — no questions asked.

This refund must be requested within 30 days of purchase date and all equipment must be returned to be eligible.

What’s the difference between strengthening and releasing the pelvic floor? Which one would be right for me?

Strengthening and release are both vital pieces to creating a strong connection to the pelvic floor. If you deal with a high tone pelvic floor (pelvic floor muscles that are contracted, tense, and weak) and have symptoms such as pelvic pain, painful intercourse, trouble relieving, tailbone pain, or overactive bladder- the release series may be best. If you exist on the opposite end of the spectrum and are experiencing loss of tension in the pelvic floor muscles, incontinence, loss of sensation and more, the strengthening series may be best. If you exist somewhere in the middle and have access to the full range of contraction and release in your pelvic floor, both programs are beneficial for establishing a connection to your center, increasing balance and stability, and strengthening the pelvis.

How often should I do a Pelvic Floor program?

You're using your pelvic floor all the time because it is a postural muscle. In these targeted  workouts, you'll simply increase awareness and tone to use the pelvic floor well, and when you need it most. So feel free to do pelvic floor focused workouts a few times a week and incorporate the tools in every other session! Remember, the idea is not to maintain activation for a full-length workout but rather, use the pelvic floor to add stability and strength when needed!

Does P.volve help with prolapse?

P.volve uses functional movement to work with your body’s natural movements, so none of the workouts should cause increased stress on a prolapse. All moves can also be done with modifications, as needed. With prolapse, you want to ensure that you are stabilizing the core during exercise and moving with your breath. Our Pelvic Floor Strengthening Series activates these essential muscles with deep core work done both standing and on the mat. As always, keep focus on your form and listen to your body. With that said, we recommend that you see a physical therapist or medical professional, specifically a pelvic floor specialist, for specific recommendations.

Is this right for me both pre and post-natal?

​Absolutely! In both series, we work to bring awareness to the pelvic floor which will help in carrying, delivery, and recovery post-birth. During the prenatal period, the ability to successfully activate the pelvic floor and build total core strength can be a tremendous help in supporting the baby as well as aiding in bladder control. Intermittently training release at this time, especially leading up to delivery can also increase awareness and ability to push. Post-natal, targeted activation and strengthening can help with balance and stability when picking up and holding a baby as well as moving through everyday activities, preventing incontinence, getting back to enjoyable intercourse, and so much more!

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