P.band + 3 Months Streaming - $19.99/mo

P.band + 3 Months Streaming - $19.99/mo

P.band + 3 Months Streaming - $19.99/mo


With this purchase of the P.band, you can access streaming for $19.99/month*.


  • Strengthen & sculpt lean, strong arms with the P.band
  • Innovative hand locking system that creates a hands-free approach to resistance training
  • Allows for unique movements that create lines of definition where women desire it most
  • Perfect resistance for multiple moves and maximum results

The P.band comes with a user brochure that includes access to 2 P.band workouts (Total Run Time: 67 Minutes). There are also multiple P.band workouts in P.volve streaming. You can start your free trial here

Patent Pending


P.volve on demand streaming give you access to 180+ P.volve workouts for all fitness levels.  It features multiple P.ball and P.band workouts.

*Within 48 business hours of this P.band purchase you will receive an email from customerservice@pvolve.com with a special code to access streaming at $19.99/month for 3 months. That is a $10.00 savings per month.  After the 3 months, the reoccurring cost will be $29.99.  No risk - cancel at anytime.   


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