Hip Mobility Kit
Hip Mobility Kit
Hip Mobility Kit
Hip Mobility Kit

Hip Mobility Kit

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Got tight, sore, or tense hips? Get started with the Hip Mobility Kit, a five-piece set that helps to mobilize the joints and strengthen the surrounding muscles. With this kit, you'll be equipped to release hip tension and feel more balanced throughout the body. 

Your kit includes a three-month digital membership so you can put your equipment to use with the 7-Day Hip Release, a structured series specially designed to activate the entire hip complex and alleviate everyday hip discomfort in the process. Continue your P.volve journey with access to over 400+ videos that will help to improve your posture, stability, mobility, balance and core strength.

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This combination of resistance equipment will give you everything you need to prioritize hip health and guide you throughout the rest of your P.volve journey:

  • p.ball: the most dynamic and muscle-sculpting resistance ball
  • p.3 trainer: a first-of-its-kind resistance tool that defines the entire body
  • gliders: easy-to-glide discs to lengthen the lower body
  • light ankle band: moderate resistance to tone the hips, thighs, and glutes
  • precision foam roller: a recovery necessity that doubles as an extra 2.4 lbs of weight
  • three-month digital membership: get access to our on-demand platform, which includes the 7-Day Hip Release to put your equipment to work
  • live virtual studio ($180 value): get unlimited access to live classes via Zoom to bring the in-studio experience to your home

Your on-demand membership is an all-access pass to our method and includes:

VIDEO LIBRARY: Pick from our robust library of sculpting, strengthening, and recovery videos with new content added three times a week so you never get bored or plateau.

FILTER BY GOAL: Stay on track with programs designed for desired results, body part focus or time frames.

TRAINER TIME: Tap into the expertise of our world-class training talent who teach and motivate you with every move to achieve your goals.

UNLIMITED LIVE VIRTUAL STUDIO: Your membership currently includes complimentary access to the Live Virtual Studio ($180 value).

This kit goes hand-in-hand with the 7-Day Hip Release series. All seven workouts prioritize better hip openness, pelvic articulation and overall body awareness for a more balanced, mobile you. Continue your journey after the program with access to over 400+ videos on our digital platform.

For any purchase of a set, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. That means you can give our equipment a try and if within 30 days you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, we’ll issue a full refund — no questions asked.

This refund must be requested within 30 days of purchase date and all equipment must be returned to be eligible.

What causes tight hip flexors and will this help me reduce tightness in my hip flexors?

If you know P.volve, you know how important the hips are to our method. They’re not only crucial for toning the glutes and thighs but they are the powerhouse of every movement—whether you’re sitting, walking, running or in the studio with us.

Though P.volve workouts pay extra close attention to stretching and opening up the hips, most of us sit with the front of our hips flexed which can create tightness and soreness in the hip flexors. Moving the hips in just one direction like squatting, lunging, even walking and running where you are only flexing and extending the hips, as well as sitting at a desk all day are just a few things that could contribute to sore hip flexors. Over time, P.volve will help wake up this area through training the hips in internal and external rotations, stretching and strengthening the hip flexors and building glute strength to reduce tightness in the hips! 

How do I open my hips?

Our 7-Day Hip Release series will help you increase mobility and strength in the hips. You can also incorporate these three moves daily: 

Step Back & Reach: Start in a neutral standing position, then step your right foot back behind you with your heel up. Squeeze your glute and lift up from the core as you bring your hands up to the ceiling. Be sure not to arch your back as you reach up and return to the start position. Repeat 8 times on both sides.

Kneeling Reach: Do the same move on the mat by bringing the right knee forward at 90 degrees. Keep the left knee in-line with the hip. Lift up from your core, tuck your tailbone under, allow your eyes to follow your hands and stretch through the stationary hip as you squeeze the glute. Repeat 8 times on both sides.

Pigeon: Start on the mat with your right knee bent in front of you and your left leg stretched back behind you. Pull your right heel in to feel a deeper stretch as you slowly fold your torso over the front knee. Breathe to release any tightness, holding for 20-30 seconds then slowly come up before switching to the other side.

Can I do this program if I’ve had a hip replacement or hip impingement? 

As long as you’ve been cleared by your doctor to work out, then yes! At P.volve we will teach you how to work with your body, not against it, and listen to what it needs on any given day. We focus on articulating the pelvis, moving in diverse and progressive ways that will help strengthen your entire body and particularly the muscles surrounding your hips. 

Can I do P.volve if I have a hip or knee replacement?

The beauty of P.volve is that it is low-impact, so you can safely move without added stress on your joints and rehabilitate any injuries once cleared for exercise by your doctor. After a knee or hip replacement, gentle exercises that increase mobility, stability and strength will help you build muscle support. Our 7-Day Hip Release series is the perfect program for feeling more mobile through the hips and achieving better body awareness for everyday mobility.

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