Back Strengthening Kit Equipment
Back Strengthening Kit Equipment
Back Strengthening Kit Equipment
Back Strengthening Kit Equipment

Back Strengthening Kit Equipment

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Say goodbye to everyday back discomfort with the Back Strengthening Kit. Each piece of equipment works together to prioritize mobility and strengthen the muscles in your back and core to reduce strain.

Your kit includes a three-month digital membership so you can put your equipment to use with the Back Strengthening Series. Each workout in this six-part series was designed to decrease everyday back discomfort and increase the functionality of the entire body. Continue your P.volve journey with access to over 400+ videos that will help to improve your posture, stability, mobility, balance and core strength. 

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This combination of resistance equipment will guide you to back relief throughout your P.volve journey.

  • p.ball: the most dynamic and muscle-sculpting resistance ball
  • p.3 trainer: a first-of-its-kind resistance tool that defines the entire body
  • the upper-body strengthening tool that prioritizes posture
  • precision foam roller: a recovery necessity that doubles as an extra 2.4 lbs of weight
  • three-month digital membership: get access to our on-demand platform, which includes the Back Strengthening Series, to put your equipment to work
  • live virtual studio ($180 value): get unlimited access to live classes via Zoom to bring the in-studio experience to your home

Your on-demand membership is an all-access pass to our method and includes:

VIDEO LIBRARY: Pick from our robust library of sculpting, strengthening, and recovery videos with new content added three times a week so you never get bored or plateau.

FILTER BY GOAL: Stay on track with programs designed for desired results, body part focus or time frames. 

TRAINER TIME: Tap into the expertise of our world-class training talent who teach and motivate you with every move to achieve your goals.

UNLIMITED LIVE VIRTUAL STUDIO: Your membership currently includes complimentary access to the Live Virtual Studio ($180 value).

This kit goes hand-in-hand with the Back Strengthening Series—six workouts specially crafted to improve your posture, mobility and flexibility with moves that focus on core strength and back support for everyday relief. Continue your journey after the program with access to over 400+ videos on our digital platform.

For any purchase of a kit, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. That means you can give our equipment a try and if within 30 days you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, we’ll issue a full refund — no questions asked.

This refund must be requested within 30 days of purchase date and all equipment must be returned to be eligible.

What could some of the causes of my back pain be? 

The lower back is a part of the body that plagues a vast number of people. Whether you’re active or not, the lumbar spine (or, the lower back muscles) is a common source of pain for a multitude of reasons that mostly extend from the extremes of sitting all day and/or overexertion. This makes sense when you think about it—if you’re mostly sedentary during the day (at your desk job, in your car, etc.) and then go to the gym and suddenly start throwing your body into big intense exercises, something is bound to feel off.

Most acute injuries to the lumbar spine occur when someone is in a hip-flexed, bent-over position. This happens both when working out (squatting and deadlifting) and in everyday life when reaching to the floor to pick something up. The aim is to get all the muscles working together as a team and getting them strong so we can avoid any possible injury or pain. 

Alternatively, sitting with poor posture over time can lead to back pain as well. It is common for people to sit and stand with their neck protruding forward, their shoulders rounded and their lower back in a tucked position. As this becomes ones’ “default” posture, they lose muscular support for good spinal health. Engaging the correct alignment of the spine by keeping the neck neutral, chest open, shoulder blades sitting down the back and lumbar curvature in tact, will often help to eliminate back pain and promote great spinal health! 

Can I do P.volve if I have a weak core?

Yes! Did you know that the key to helping eliminate everyday lower back pain starts with the core? So many of us suffer from this kind of discomfort, but few know how to improve it.  The secret isn’t always to rest more or sit differently; it’s to strengthen the entire core, which includes all the muscles on the front and back of your body. Our newest series, the Back Strengthening Series, takes a deep dive into the muscles in the back, core and pelvic floor to provide more stability, mobility, alignment and overall body awareness. Also, the back is part of your core, so if strengthening your abdominals is part of your goals, you want to balance your front and back body strength so that you become stronger and more stable throughout your entire core.

Is P.volve okay for people with scoliosis and rods in their back?

Always first consult with a medical professional or physical therapist to determine what movements should be modified or limited and how to do so.

Our workouts use functional movement to properly mobilize the entire body, and therefore should be safe for those with scoliosis and rods in their back. When working with scoliosis, you want to aim to stretch the compressed side and strengthen the over-lengthened side of the body due to the curvature.

When working with scoliosis and rods in your back, you will want to:

  • Keep your spine long and avoid forward folds and hinge at your hips.
  • Keep rotations of the spine in a shallow range of motion that is comfortable for you, working to find mobility in the areas of the spine that can move while keeping stable in the areas that are fixed.

We recommend that customers with these issues try the Back Strengthening Series with the Back Strengthening Kit in use.

Is it okay for me to do P.volve if I have a back or neck disc herniation? 

As long as you’ve been cleared by your doctor or physical therapist to work out, then yes! P.volve provides many benefits to back health by improving posture and creating greater abdominal strength, which will support the spine. Strong abdominal, back, and leg muscles reduce pressure on spinal discs which may help prevent disc injury. Rule of thumb at the site of a disc herniation is to keep that area of the spine neutral, avoiding flexion, extension and twisting in that area of the back. With P.volve’s focus on standing abdominals versus traditional crunches, it is an excellent option for individuals with disc herniations.

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