"Movement is medicine."

Meet Zach

Lead Trainer

London-born Zach’s love of dance began at 7-years-old and continued evolving into a passion for theater, singing and overall performing. When he found P.volve, he found the connection between fitness and dance. Aside from a seasoned instructor, Zach is an animal rights activist, vegan and the Founder/Artistic Director of the Leading Edge Arts Project program.


Gray Institute 3D Maps

Gray Institute CFS

Currently pursuing NASM

If not in the studio, where can we find you?

When I’m not in the studio you can find me on stage, casting spells, cooking vegan delights and watching Mary Poppins!

Favorite piece of equipment?

The p.ball gave me my P.volve booty! So it has to be the p.ball. Revolutionary and unique piece of equipment.

Favorite streaming workout?

The Slant Series is SO challenging. The slant board is also great for improving your form and mastering the p.sit.

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