What's your dress style?

Whether you’re sparkling in the spotlight or loving the subtle silhouette, find workouts to make them say “Wow!”

All eyes on: your entire body. This hourglass style hugs your waist and hips while showing off your shoulders and arms.

Our trainers recommend: Work up a sweat and focus on total-body toning with our Cardio Burn classes.

Start here: The No Equipment Cardio Burn series is perfect for those new to P.volve.

All eyes on: your upper body. Any kind of dress with a strapless neckline will accentuate your back, arms, neck and overall posture.

Our trainers recommend: Use our revolutionary p.3 trainer to sculpt without adding bulk, give your neck graceful length and help you stand tall.

Start here: The 50-Minute Full Body Foundation class will teach you the toning essentials.

All eyes on: your waist. This flowy silhouette gathers into a fitted bodice that highlights your body’s narrowest point.

Our trainers recommend: Perfect your posture and naturally cinch your waist with our dynamic, 360-degree core workouts.

Start here: The Intense Abs Series has 4 days of targeted moves just for your abs.

All eyes on: your upper body and waist. With a dramatically flared skirt and simpler top, your arms and waist will really stand out.

Our trainers recommend:Use the p.band to sculpt your arms and create length in the neck and shoulders, all while strengthening your core.

Start here: The 15 Minute Upper Body Burn and 20 Minute Arm Sculpt make the perfect pair.

All eyes on: your back. For a dress with a daring or modest cut-out, make sure your backside is your good side.

Our trainers recommend: Strengthen your entire body and get that perfectly toned back thanks to our Strength & Sculpt classes.

Start here: The Transform Series delivers intense burn and full-body results.