Welcome to the Summer Sprint Challenge!

Summer Sprint Fitness Challenge | P.volve

Work out alongside the NYC studio

Join the Summer Sprint Challenge

We developed a P.volve fitness challenge that will allow you to work out alongside the NYC studio. Get ready to transform your body just in time to look and feel your best at the beach.

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Let's change the way you take on summer - one sprint at a time!


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The challenge begins May 6

Sign up now through May 6.

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In a consumer study, 97% of women found the method effective in targeting their thighs, butt, and abs after two weeks of use

Summer Sprint Fitness Challenge | P.volve
Step 1

Complete Week 1

You’ll start seeing results with free access* to a 15-day streaming subscription featuring curated Summer Sprint at-home workout content.

One exclusive workout will be released per day, and any workout from the series can be performed on any day of the challenge.

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Summer Sprint Fitness Challenge | P.volve
Step 2

Complete Week 2

You crushed it! After completing two weeks of P.volve, you'll be on your way to a lasting habit and a summer body that's right for you.

Results from the
90-day challenge

"I am shocked at what this method has done for not only my body but also my mental health. Beyond fixing my posture and creating the length and definition in my muscles, the transformation can be seen from the sad look on my face on Day 1 to the confidence and pride I felt on Day 90."

-Brittney J.

Read about Brittney's P.volve transformation and the results other p.squad members have seen on our blog.