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  • Sculpted Back
  • Contoured Lines

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The new p.band sculpts arms with totally effective hands-free movements.

Target your
arms & back

The P.band is an innovative piece of equipment that uses a hand-locking system to create a hands-free approach to resistance training. Allowing for unique movements, the P.band activates muscles for a sleek and defined upper body.

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Raves for the p.band

Great Band for Arms!

I've been using for just over a week. And I can see and feel a difference in my upper arms. My son, who works out regularly, is impressed!

- Lisa F.  

I love the p.band!

I love this item—it takes very little for me to feel the burn. I cant wait to use it more in the workouts coming up... makes my arms seem leaner, without building any bulk. What a great addition!

- Madison G.  

Feel the burn with the p.band

Although I have only utilized the p.band for 2 workouts since my purchase, I can confidently say it does what it says. You can feel the burn after 10 seconds. I know results don’t happen overnight but the p.band is much more effective than the traditional dumbbells or cable machines. You can truly feel the difference and soon I will be able to see the difference.

- Jordan V.  

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Workouts created exclusively for the P.band

Get the most out of your P.band by streaming a workout anytime, anywhere. Access loads of workouts that use the P.band, with new ones being added all the time!

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3 Day Body Burn with the P.band

In three days, you'll feel and see an elongated, tightened and toned physique from head to toe. We're talking a more lifted and toned butt, leaner and tighter thighs, a defined stomach and long, lean arms. All of this, while performing moves that protect the joints, means no pain—just gains.

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how-to tips

  • Remove your P.band from the packaging, unfold and lay flat with finger loops facing up. Please reference picture 1.
  • Put left hand in first with the hand material laying against palm.
  • Insert your four fingers into the loops, leaving your thumb out. Please reference picture 2.
  • Take the wrist wrap and wrap firmly around the wrist securing the Velcro. Please reference picture 5.
  • You are now ready to use your P.band.

Proper Placement

The band socket should be between the index and the inside of your thumb.

P.Ball how to guide

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