Mariana Tek Migration FAQ

We are excited to announce that on Wednesday, October 26th we will be migrating to a new booking platform. Please review these important FAQ’s regarding our transition from MindBody to Mariana Tek.


What does the migration from MindBody to Mariana Tek mean for me?

What if I have to book a class on Wednesday, October 26th?

When will the new booking platform be live?

How will I login with Mariana Tek?

I have a MindBody account, but don’t have a P.volve account. Do I need to create a P.volve account?

I have a MindBody account and a P.volve account, but they use two different emails. What should I do?

I already a have a P.volve account but have never taken a class in studio. Do I need to create a new account?

I use Mariana Tek at another gym. Can I use that account to log in for P.volve too?

I’m used to booking classes using an app. Is there a Mariana Tek app I can use for booking?