Three weeks to compete, earn and burn with your team with 20% off.


Stream 5 workouts per week from 3/16-4/5.

  • Each week, you and your team will compete against a trainer team. To advance to the next round in the challenge, simply complete all 5 workouts during the scheduled time period. Each round will intensify and incorporate new pieces of equipment for total-body results.
  • Upon completing each round of the challenge, you’ll receive exclusive pieces of P.volve nutrition and fitness content.
  • Challenges are always better together, so be sure to refer a friend to join your team. For every new referral that signs up for the challenge, you’ll receive $5 in your account to be used toward your subscription. For every 5th sign up, you’ll receive an additional $5 credit in your account.


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What is The Madness Challenge?
The Madness Challenge is a 3-week studio streaming challenge where you and your team will compete against our trainers to complete 15 workouts in 21 days.
How do I sign up for the challenge?
Sign up via Current streamers can also enter the challenge through the sign up page on .
How does this challenge differ than others?
At the end of every workout in streaming, you’ll find the Burnout Block—a series of higher intensity movements that really kicks things up a notch and brings the madness into play. Here, you’ll move faster, challenge your range of motion and squeeze deeper for an even bigger burn than before.
What do I need to do to complete the challenge?
Stream five workouts each week during the challenge period for a total of fifteen workouts from 3/16-4/5. In order to be eligible for the streaming prizes, the workouts must be completed in the week they start.
How experienced do I need to be to participate?
The Madness Challenge is available for people of all fitness levels. If you are new, pay proper attention to the trainers’ cues. Workouts will get harder as you go, so we recommend looking at our tutorials prior to practice the right form.
What am I competing for, and against who?
You’re competing to receive prizes based on your progression each week. Keep up with our trainer teams and workout on their schedule to win and advance through the challenge.
What do I get if I complete the challenge?
For every week of workouts you complete, you’ll receive an exclusive piece of P.volve nutrition or fitness content.
I’m seeing “teams” and “rounds” places – what does this mean?
Your team is the people that you refer (or that refer you) to join the challenge. Each week, your team will compete against our trainer teams to complete the 5 designated workouts each week. Each week in the challenge is a round—Round 1 against Team Blue is the first week, Round 2 against Team Yellow is the second week, and Round 3 against Team Pink is the third week.
I finished round one, but my teammates didn’t. Does this impact my eligibility for prizes?
Absolutely not! You are eligible for prizes based on your own performance. Your teammates are there simply for encouragement, accountability and motivation.
Does it matter what order I do the videos each week?
You’re welcome to do the videos in any order you’d like throughout the week and still be eligible for the prize, but the program is specifically designed as a progression of form and results.
I want to show you my results! How can I submit a before and after photo?
You’ll be able to upload this on the dashboard within Upload a photo of you before you start the challenge then upload another one after you’ve completed the challenge. You can upload as many as you would like, but submit the best photo of your choice with your transformation story.
What do I get if I send proof of my transformation?
You’ll get 15% off your next purchase for submitting a before and after photo.
Where will you use my transformation?
If granted access, P.volve has the ability to use this across owned and operated channels for promotional purposes.
What is the latest I can begin the challenge and be eligible for prizes?
The latest you can begin is March 22. If you begin after this date, you’ll still be able to do the workouts, but won't be eligible for the prizes. However, anyone who starts the challenge will receive an exclusive participation prize!
How will I receive prizes?
The first prize will be sent out via email and you’ll receive the next two in your streaming library.
When will I get my prize?
Each prize will be available shortly after every week of the challenge.
How many workouts can I count per day?
Only one workout will count each day. The program is designed to teach you the proper form and movements while giving your muscles rest; therefore, we don’t advise on doubling up on workouts in this series.
I completed a workout, but it’s not being logged into my account. Can you help?
If you are missing credit for one of your workouts, please reach out to our Customer Experience team here.
What equipment will I need to complete the streaming challenge?
All equipment in the Ultimate P.volve Package is used in this challenge. That means you’ll need: light and heavy ankle weights, light and heavy ankle bands, light hand weights, gliders, p.ball and
Can I still complete this if I don’t have all of the equipment?
Absolutely! Though this challenge was designed with equipment in mind, you can still use your own body weight as resistance and still get results and feel your muscles at work. Just be sure to engage your muscles through every movement and prioritize form, as always.
When should I expect to see a new workout?
You’ll receive your new 5 workouts for the week on Mondays. We recommend you doing 2-3 days on, one day off.
When should I have my rest days?
Factor in rest days based on your own schedule. We recommend two or three days on, followed by a rest day. Most importantly, prioritize how your body feels over a strict, regimented schedule.
I’m seeing referrals—what are these for? What do we each get?
This is an invitation to invite your friends who are new to P.volve to join you in the challenge. You’ll receive $5 for every friend who joins, and an additional $5 for every five friends who join.
What happens when my friend signs up for the challenge?
If your friend signs up for the challenge, you will receive a $5 credit to your streaming account to be used toward your next month of streaming.
How do I generate a referral link?
You’ll be able to refer friends from the Madness challenge streaming page . using the “Invite Friends” button or link near the top of the page. You’ll only be able to refer friends through March 22. You will also be able to invite your friends directly via email.
How can I track my referral link?
While you won’t be able to see how many people have seen your link, you can see how many people have signed up with it on your Madness Challenge streaming page.
How many friends can I refer?
As many as you’d like! There is no limit.
A friend signed up with my link, when do I see the credit?
As soon as your friends sign up for the challenge, you'll see your credit will increase in real-time.
Where can I see how many credits I have from referring friends?
You’ll be able to see how many credits you’ve receive through here: