Rethink your workout routine with P.volve, the Method that pairs functional movements with resistance training to transform your body into amazing.

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More Results. Less Impact.

With a fitness Method based on functional movement & resistance equipment.

Intense Sculpting & Strengthening

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Specialized Equipment that Works Harder

Feel the magic of our precisely designed resistance pieces.

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With purposeful moves, equipment and workouts that meet you where you are, P.volve gives you everything you need for incredible results.

Improve Performance

Enhance your body’s abilities in everyday life from walking to sports to sex.

Transform your body & mind

Strengthen from the inside out to make looking and feeling good one in the same.

Enjoy workout flexibility

Versatile movements that work for every ability without any strain on the joints.

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How P.volve works

With hundreds of classes created by our expert trainers to help you reach your goals and a supportive global community with you at every step, this is where your fitness journey begins.




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Is this workout only for women?

Can I perform the workouts in the streaming service if I am slightly injured?

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How long are the P.volve workouts?


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Our 5 star ratings

Feel my muscles in everyday movement

I'm so impressed with the P.volve workouts and accessories! I feel the muscles from my workouts in my everyday movements so I'm able to engage them more frequently, not just when working out!

Unique and so effective

I have been doing P.volve for 6 months and finally bought the equipment and love how easy they are to use with the different classes. They are very effective in getting the results and the p.ball can be used in so many ways which have really helped me in my postpartum recovery.


I am someone that comes from a weightlifting background but in all the years I have lifted heavy weights, I have NEVER felt like I do after only 30 minutes of pvolve. Pvolve truly does work EVERY muscle. I mostly enjoy the cuing. Unlike most other programs, Pvolve has very good cues, what you should feel and why you are doing the move. If you are someone that is on the fence, get off. You will love Pvolve.

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