P.volve x Kate Bosworth

As a prominent actress and fashion icon, Kate Bosworth loves P.volve because our functional
fitness method helps her stay strong, defined and at peak performance for her demanding career and life.

P.volve is a fitness method, but not just any fitness method. We connect mind to muscle to develop strength and definition that helps you look and feel your best from the inside out. With our focus on functional movements that work with the body, not against it, our method is resistance-based, high-intensity and low-impact to get the burn you want without injury.

Our virtual studio classes, on-demand videos and specialized equipment help strengthen, sculpt and energize the entire body, anywhere. With P.volve, you can make your move like never before.


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starter kit

Start your fitness transformation with the P.volve essentials.

Includes: p.ball, p.band, 1.5 lb. ankle weights, heavy ankle band, gliders and three months membership to our on-demand platform.

$159.99    $143.99


signature kit

Experience the best of P.volve with our three pieces of signature, patented equipment.

Includes: our revolutionary p.ball, p.band and p.3 trainer and three months membership to our on-demand platform.

$159.99   $143.99


ultimate kit

Get the most out of each move and every workout when you make the gym your own.

Includes: p.ball, gliders, 2 lb. hand weights, light ankle band, heavy ankle band, 1.5 lb. ankle weights, 3 lb. ankle weights, a p.band and and three months membership to our on-demand platform.

$204.99    $184.99


"I discovered the P.volve method about a year ago which took my love of resistance-based, low-impact workouts to the next level. The movements, together with their innovative and unique equipment, tone and lengthen my body in such an effective way.”

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