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Hi, we're P.volve

We are a functional fitness method to sculpt and strengthen your body without added impact or injury. Think gentle - but definitely not easy.

Sitting at the intersection of fitness and physical therapy, we pull-in principles of exercise science to strengthen and condition, as well as proper body mechanics from Physical Therapy.

Because you deserve more from your movement.

Our Mission

To help women everywhere look and feel amazing throughout their entire lives.

The benefits of our method

Women are faced with unique challenges that effect various facets of their life, including productivity, pain, happiness – and the ability to do everyday functions. The P.volve Method was created to accompany women throughout these life stages and help them tackle the issues that they will experience while achieving optimal results.

72% of people who exercise regularly show improvement in time management and workload completed

Nearly 9 days of productivity are being lost each year to menstrual period symptoms

Chronic pelvic pain is associated with an annual cost of +$30,000, primarily due to productivity loss

62% of women experience menopause symptoms that impact their work

Backed by science

Our experts

The members of our clinical advisory board, made up of seasoned medical doctors and experts, work with the P.volve team to co-create workouts, advise on equipment and develop new products. Together, they are an integral part of ensuring our Method is rooted in science and research.

Our Studies

Our commitment to women's health extends into clinical research including three ongoing studies:

Lower Back Pain Study

Preliminary results in a University of Minnesota clinical study of adults with chronic lower back pain showed that 12 weeks of the P.volve Back Strengthening Series significantly reduced pain, improved body awareness and strength, reduced fearful avoidance of movement, and enabled a return to everyday activities with less disability. 

Healthy Aging and Muscle Recovery Studies

Clinical trials at the University of Exeter in the UK are focused on the benefits of the P.volve Method on healthy aging outcomes like body composition, muscle retention, muscle function, flexibility and balance. Other clinical programs include the effect of Recover 9 on muscle recovery and delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Our trusted partners include:

Our trusted partners include:

Our trusted partners include:


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