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P.volve is an accessible fitness method that connects mind to muscle to help everyone look and feel their best. Our resistance-based, functional movements will strengthen, lift and tone your body without any pain or injury.


How do I activate my free streaming subscription?
Go to and enter code HEALTHKICK. Follow instructions to sign up to start your free trial.
I'm new to P.volve, where do I begin?
First, welcome to P.volve and the beginning of your new fitness routine! We know you’re looking to transform your body, feel better and establish a consistent workout plan that fits your life, for life. The good news is, you’re in the right place.

To get started, check out our 8-Day Foundational Series. Here, you’ll learn the basics of our prehab, functional approach to fitness and begin to orient your body to the moves you’ll find in every workout ahead.

The 7-Day No Equipment Series is also perfect for understanding fundamental movements, no matter where you are in your P.volve journey.
Is this workout only for women?
No! Our workouts are designed for everyone, at all ages and fitness levels, looking to build strong, dynamic muscles. Every movement is rooted in prehab and takes a proactive approach to injury prevention to prioritize the longevity of your fitness journey.
Can I perform the workouts in the streaming service if I am slightly injured?
Absolutely. Our method takes a rehab approach so they are all joint-friendly! If you have a slight injury you should take it extra slow and always stay within your range of motion.

If anything causes further pain, you should stop the exercise immediately and contact your physician.
Do I need any equipment with the subscription service? If so, what do you suggest?
No equipment, no problem. The beauty of P.volve is that you can do every workout with simply your own bodyweight! However, using the equipment will enable you to get the full P.volve experience and achieve optimal results. We recommend starting your P.volve fitness journey with these three must-have tools: the p.ball, light ankle weights and 2 lb hand weights. You can purchase this equipment here.
How long are the P.volve workouts?
Most of the P.volve workouts range from 15-60 minutes in length. However, you can filter your streaming library by time so you can squeeze in a workout anytime, anywhere. As always, keep in mind that P.volve is not about the length of the workout, but rather how effective each and every movement is!

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