P.volve is a safe, effective way to start a fitness routine


We provide precise instruction and proper tutorials


Results come faster than you’ll expect

In a consumer study, 95% of women saw toned thighs after two weeks of using the p.ball - and had fun using it!

Beginner Kit | P.volve

Start with the essentials

Start your P.volve fitness journey with the Beginner Kit that includes our must-have tools, the p.ball, light ankle weights, and 1lb. hand weights.

So what are you waiting for? Get the equipment to work out from home, the hotel, or anywhere life brings you. Start your all-access pass*:

  • 150+ workout videos, including our 2-Week Beginner Program
  • Guidance from our experts
  • Customized workout calendars

Safe & Effective

  • Derived from functional science expertise, you’ll be moving in ways your body is meant to move while shaping and strengthening
  • Prehab approach to fitness eliminates excess reps and jumping that tax your joints
  • Focuses on meaningful movements

Precise & Purposeful

  • Our streaming series of workouts developed just for P.volve beginners help you understand the principles of the method and master each movement
  • We’ll gradually increase resistance and difficulty at a pace that feels right for you

No year-long commitment required*

Fast Results

  • P.volve users see results faster than they expect
  • More energy. More flexibility. More strength.
  • You’ll have more confidence, too - whether you want to walk into a meeting looking amazing, say yes to that beach party invitation, or be able to trust your body more after an injury