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More Results. Less Impact.

With a fitness Method based on functional movement & resistance equipment.

Intense Sculpting & Strengthening

Lifts Glutes & Gives Total-Body Definition

Leaves You Feeling Open & Energized

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Jumpstart your results with this introductory kit curated for new members. 

Innovative Equipment

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Start seeing the incredible results of the low-impact P.volve workout with this bundled introductory kit including our signature P.ball and a 3-month streaming membership.

Featuring a durable sculpting ball and removable resistance band, the P.ball is a versatile full-body tool used in a variety of ways in our workouts to lift and tighten the glutes, tone your legs and arms, level-up your planks, engage the pelvic floor, and more.

Plus, your 3-month streaming membership gives you access to our full library of on-demand and live-streaming workouts and a free 1:1 consultation with a trainer to get a personalized plan.

P.S. The P.ball is featured in our Tone up for Fall Challenge—watch for sign-up info in your inbox after purchase!

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Love the p.ball

Great tool to use for inner thigh workouts! Thanks to this piece of equipment, my legs are sculpted and inner thighs are strengthened (:

Small equipment with big impact

[It’s] pretty interesting how something so simple really gets your inner and outer thighs and hips and your glutes!

P.ball is an absolute must have!

I love this... you can really feel your glutes and thighs working so much harder with p.ball... it adds a whole level to your workout and I can already see changes!

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