How much does a P.volve streaming membership cost?

Do I need any equipment with the subscription service? If so, what do you suggest?

How long are the P.volve workouts?

I am new to P.volve - where do I begin?

For the 90 day challenge, where should I be sending my before and after photos?

How can I access streaming?

What devices and browsers can I stream from?

How do I navigate the video library?

How do I cancel my plan?

Do I need to remember to pay each month?

How do I change my credit card or billing information?

I forgot my password, what do I do?

How can I track my goals?

Which workouts should I do each week and how often?

Do I need a wi-fi connection to watch the P.volve videos?

What videos can a customer download?

Can I send a downloaded video to a friend?

What happens to my downloaded videos when I cancel my trial or subscription?

Do I get any equipment for signing up for the free trial?

How do I use the new workout plan?

I’m confused by the 30-day Challenge series. Can you please explain what the abbreviations mean?

Can I do P.volve if I am pregnant?

I have weight to lose, is P.volve right for me?

How do I access my pre-paid streaming workouts?


Is this workout only for women?

Can I perform the workouts in the streaming service if I am slightly injured?

What results should I be seeing in my first week / first month / first year?

Can I do cardio with your training? What cardio do you recommend? 

I keep hearing you use the word “sit” and not “squat”, what is the difference?

Can I do other workout programs along with yours? If so, which ones do you recommend?

I notice you never repeat the same exercise. Is this on purpose? How many reps should I be doing?


What is the studio like?

What can I expect from class?

What should I wear?

How quickly will I pick up/understand the method?

How often should I come to class to see results?

What should I bring?

What amenities does the studio have? Do you have showers?

Traffic-- ugh. Can I come late?


What are your clothes made of?

Does the apparel shrink when dried?

Are these made in the US? If not, where are they made?

How do I figure out the right size? Do you have a size chart?

Is apparel sold at the studio?


Where is the equipment made? 

Where can I find instructions on how to use each piece of equipment?

Do any of the items contain latex?

How do I care for my equipment?

What is the full inflation size of the P.ball?

Where can I find the inflation needle for the P.ball pump?

I have a small fit ball - can I use that in place of the P.ball?

Do the gliders work on carpeted floors? 

Orders, Shippings, Returns & Exchanges

Can I change or cancel my order?

How can I exchange an item?

When can I expect my exchanged product?

What is your returns policy? 

How can I return an item?

Are there any items that cannot be returned?

When is my credit card charged?

Where is my order?

When can I expect to see my refund in my bank account? 

Where do you ship?

Do you ever offer free shipping or other promotions?

What are your shipping policies regarding overnight and 2 day domestic shipping?