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  • digital membership
    digital membership

    From $19.99 to $179.99 Original Price

  • p.3 trainer
    p.3 trainer

    $69.99 Original Price

  • slant board
    slant board

    $89.99 Original Price

  • ultimate kit
    ultimate kit

    $204.99 Original Price

    Take your routine to the next level with countless ways to add versatility to your workouts, build definition and an amazing body.


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  • p.ball

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  • essentials kit
    essentials kit

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    Get all the essentials you need to start the P.volve method and build total-body strength.

  • precision mat
    precision mat

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  • 2 lb. hand weights
    2 lb. hand weights

    $19.99 Original Price

  • signature kit
    signature kit

    $159.99 Original Price

    Our three unique, patented pieces of equipment to sculpt, tone and lengthen the entire body.

  • 3 lb. ankle weights
    3 lb. ankle weights

    $22.99 Original Price

  • precision foam roller
    precision foam roller

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  • total transformation kit
    total transformation kit

    $389.99 Original Price

    The most equipment means the most next-level results from our method. Amp up your home gym with our entire suite of equipment.

  • Striped Pullover
    Striped Pullover

    $75.00 Original Price

  • light ankle band
    light ankle band

    $18.99 Original Price