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Meet the dynamic duo. With our Premium Kit, you’ll get two innovative pieces of patented, proprietary equipment—the p.ball and the—for total-body toning.

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Our Premium Kit offers:

✓ A $90 value, bundled for less
✓ Complete lower body and core activation with the p.ball
✓ Complete upper body activation with the

Movements with The Premium Kit are incorporated throughout our entire method, both in our studio and in streaming workouts. Equipment can be paired together for total-body work or used separately to target specific areas.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Unique and great equipment!

This bundle has 2 pieces of unique equipment you can’t find anywhere else. I love the p.volve workouts with this equipment!

Great essentials

I am so pleased with the P. Ball and p. Band! It takes your workout to the next level! Thankful the P. Ball comes with an extension to fit my thighs. I am 5’ 3 and weight 207 lbs. hopefully that helps if someone else is wondering if the band will fit their thighs.

love this for working out at home!

p.volve came to save the day! as the US urges people to stay home and isolate - working out should not be compromised. i've been wanting to try this at home set for a while now and i was not disappointed. i get a better workout than group classes at expensive studios - this is just what i needed!

New to P.volve

Just joined P.evolve, trying the 14 day trial. Really love the workouts and the p.ball, bands and weights add to the intensity of the workouts. I did now order the light band and light ankle weights, after watching the videos and realizing the various intensity works different muscles. I am surprised but I already see a change in my legs and butt. I have always lifted heavy weights to try to slim and tone those areas. P.evolve is providing better results.

unique equipment

These are easy to use and rather unique in their design. I love how many more workouts are available to me with them. The resistance in the feels like it wouldn't do much, until you do any workout with it. The p.ball initially seems similar to other products on the market, until you actually start using it. The band around it allows for resistance in two directions instead of just one.

The one thing I wish p.volve would consider for the future is adding an option for additional extenders or a larger size band for the p.ball to accommodate women with much larger thighs.