The Express Series: Butt Digital Copy

The Express Series: Butt Digital Copy

The Express Series: Butt Digital Copy

Don't let a busy schedule keep you from your fitness goals. The Express Butt Lift series is designed to allow you to achieve the perky, lifted results you are looking for efficiently and effectively. Utilizing your own bodyweight and just one piece of equipment (or less!), P has curated 4 individual butt-firming workouts that can be mixed and matched to fit your lifestyle--on the go or right at home. Making sure to pair each workout with your favorite P.volve warm-up and cool-down, you can do this series one day at a time or crush them back-to-back. Be ready to feel the burn--this program proves that minimal time and equipment can still lead to maximum results!

Workout one: 19:12 minutes
Workout two: 18:15 minutes
Workout three: 20:48 minutes
Workout four: 17:45 minutes

Workout one: P.ball
Workout two: Gliders
Workout three: P.mat (recommended)
Workout four: Light Ankle Band

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