3 Day Body Burn Digital Copy

3 Day Body Burn Digital Copy

3 Day Body Burn Digital Copy

This advanced 3-day program is focused on the total body. Whether you've got an event on the horizon, are looking to hit the beach this weekend or are simply looking to amp things up a notch, look no further than this 3 Day Burn. This concentrated total body tone is as intense as it gets, bringing you maximum results in minimal time. In three days, you'll feel and see an elongated, tightened and toned physique from head to toe. We're talking a more lifted and toned butt, leaner and tighter thighs, a defined stomach and long, lean arms. All of this, while performing moves that protect the joints, means no pain-- just gains.

If you are a paid streaming customer, you will find this already in your library – no need to purchase again. Many of these workouts use P.volve equipment. 

Day one: 1 hour, 12 minute workout
Day two: 1 hour, 20 minute workout
Day three: 1 hour, 5 minute workout

Day one: P.ball, 2lb Hand Weights, 1.5lb Ankle Weights and Gliders
Day two: Heavy Ankle Band, Light Ankle Band, 3lb Ankle Weights and 2lb Hand Weights
Day three: P.ball, Gliders and P.band

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