transform kit

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This kit offers all three pieces of our first-to-market equipment, bundled for less.

The p.ball, and p.3 trainer work together to maximize movements and lead to a total-body transformation, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

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All-in-one total-body transformation


  • p.ball: an inflated ball and attached elastic band that deeply activates and tones the glutes, thighs and core
  • strengthens and sculpts the entire upper body using a hands-free approach to resistance training
  • p.3 trainer: a cutting-edge product that uses resistance training with a handle, ball, and ankle straps to span the entire length of the body

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Simple but Mighty

I had never heard of the P.Volve system, but I was seeking some type of exercise I could do at home. I actually pay for a gym membership, but I don't go because I commute to/from work, and by the time I get home, I am tired. In any case, I used to practice clinical massage therapy, and started to have problems with my right sacroiliac joint (SI). Women tend to have problems with these two joints, and are often misdiagnosed. I knew that it was my core, hip flexors, and glut muscles that were suffering/weak/tight/shortened/overstretched. My current career involves a lot of sitting. The SI joints can cause a lot of pain - groin, hip, gluts and leg pain. The P.Volve system targets stabilizer muscles - the muscles that hold everything together, and allow you to keep doing things well into old age (transverse abdominis is the core, and significant). I'm interested in getting leaner, but I would also like to be able to reach for something in the shower or kitchen without the fear of losing my balance as I age (functional fitness). The transform kit is a good starter kit (economical), and I am excited about taking a deeper dive, and purchasing more equipment. I'm still a little confused about the p.3 trainer, but I'm going to figure it out. It would also be great to see different body types in the streaming content.

Easy to follow and tremendously effective

It’s very easy to work out with the kit.I used three times since I received the kit, sweating is granted and you feel you are working out

Harder than you think

I've tried every prop from this kit, and I've been super surprised at the intensity of the movements using them. It does take time to become familiar with them, and I've actually had to stop the online streaming to switch between props. I might give it a 4 star, not because of the transform kit, but because of some of the moves, which my body has not taken to naturally. I'm sure with time, I will get deeper into some of the moves. A great starter kit...and I'm somewhat obsessed with it. Please bring a studio to New Jersey...I would prefer a studio atmosphere.

Very effective and easy to follow

I’ve only used these once since I received them. I’m very sore but in a good way! Simple, easy movements that make a big impact. I have afib and was looking for a low to no cardio way to tone up. This will make you sweat though, you’ll feel the burn.


I was disappointed that each device did not come with detailed instructions on how to use. The arm band came with instructions, but nothing else. Poor job