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A Q&A with Happily Grey's Mary Lawless Lee
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A Q&A with Happily Grey's Mary Lawless Lee

For Happily Grey (aka, Mary Lawless Lee), consistency is key. The Nashville-based blogger shares her day-to-day life with 950K+ following, which includes everything from what she wears to what she eats and how she fits exercise into her routine.

Lawless, like many, has always struggled with sticking to workouts that fit seamlessly into her schedule. When she found P.volve, she was able to juggle everything—including caring for her newborn baby. Read on for more about her journey with P.volve, and follow her @happilygrey:

What was your fitness routine prior to becoming a mom?

Running! I typically ran 16-20 miles a week. It’s such a release mentally, physically and emotionally

How did it change afterwards?

I ended up having an emergency c-section and it forced me to slow down a lot. That first couple of weeks of recovery were especially hard, and I physically wasn’t able to work out the way I was used to for risk of injury. I started getting back into the swing of things by going on long walks and integrating P.volve into my work-out routine. It’s perfect because it’s low impact but still high intensity–exactly what I was looking for.

How did P.volve influence your fitness journey?

It provided an outlet for me as a new mom to re-integrate working out into my routine, and it’s easy to do as a new mom, balancing a new schedule. I can take it with me when I travel or do it at home with Navy and fit my work-out in around her schedule. No excuses!

How did the at-home workouts help you as a new mom?

It was a total game-changer to be able to work-out around Navy’s schedule. I travel a ton, and Navy comes with me. P.volve is so easy to take on the go so I can fit it in whenever, wherever I can.

How do you balance being a mom with working and working out?

Working out keeps me balanced and is a key part of me being a good mom. I like to work-out at least four times a week, but with such a packed schedule, my workout schedule needs to be flexible too, and P.volve allows me to do that.

What changes did you see or feel after doing P.volve workouts?

I’ve been really working on getting back my tone & definition since baby and P.volve has made a huge difference there. Feeling strong is really important to me—strength and confidence are key and P.volve has helped me reach that goal.

Any favorite pieces of equipment or streaming videos?

I LOVE the p.ball and!

What advice do you have for new moms getting back into their fitness?

Fit it in when you can, where you can and make it work with your schedule! Something like P.volve that allows for more flexibility during your day, it’s more likely to happen. You’ve got this!

Read more about P.volve and pregnancy here, or, if you're new, take our short assessment to find the exact plan that's right for you.