#WomenWhoCrushItWednesday: Stephanie W.

At P.volve, we love hearing about our clients’ progress, and seeing how they are crushing their workout game—no matter where, or how busy they are. We wanted to feature these ladies who are giving us some major inspo, so we started a #WomenWhoCrushItWednesday series here on the P.blog.

We have another Stephanie on the blog this week! As a mother of three (plus two fur babies) and owner of her own company, Stephanie is a true #girlboss on the go. We caught her in a moment of downtime to share her P.volve progress, and asked her our fast four questionnaire. Below, Stephanie sheds some light on how P.volve has helped her eliminate any ‘extra bulk,’ and has her body looking even better with age.

I have been consistently doing P.volve streaming since it has launched in November, 2017.

I used to do yoga and Pilates as well as run, spin and weight train. I was an athlete when I was a teenager and craved that ‘rush’ from working out. However, I ALWAYS complained about my legs and feeling thick (what P calls ‘extra bulk’).   

Since I have started P.volve, my family (yes, even my 3 girls) as well as my friends have noticed a difference. My butt is more lifted and I am not carrying as much bulk in my thighs. A couple of days ago, when I looked at my before and after pictures, is when I noticed the biggest difference. I am not bragging by any means, but being 50 years old (next month) and being able to change the way my body looks allows me to feel great! I am an owner of a company, have a family to take care of (including 2 dogs!) and travel at least 10 days out of each month. It is a lot to manage, but I love that I can do P.volve ANYWHERE and at any time.  I have finally found a program that works!”

1. How do you fit P.volve into your daily life?
I stream first thing in the morning around 6 am. Even on the road!

 2. What is your favorite piece of P.volve equipment?
All of them, since they all work different areas! 

3. What is your favorite P.volve move?
Knee lifts, any ab stretch moves, and keeping the heel up when we step to really squeeze the glutes.

4. What is your favorite P.volve streaming video?
Too many to name-- I like to always switch it up!

If you ask us, Stephanie is a stunning argument against anti-aging (anti-anti-aging?) and a true testament to making your workouts work for you

Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your experience with us. Keep crushing it!

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