#WomenWhoCrushItWednesday - Stephanie Baker

At P.volve, we love hearing about our clients’ progress, and seeing how they are crushing their workout game—no matter where, or how busy they are. We wanted to feature these ladies who are giving us some major inspo, so we started a #WomenWhoCrushItWednesday series here on the P.blog.

This week, we are highlighting Stephanie. As an aspiring writer and mother to one at age 26, Stephanie was recently diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis. Refusing to let that stand in her way of getting in incredible shape, she found P.volve to be the perfect solution, and we just had to get more deets!

“I want to thank P.volve for such a wonderful workout program! I was recently diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis, so I'm tremendously thankful for this unique program, which is gentle and nurturing, yet challenges and strengthens. 

I've worked out consistently for many years with so-so results, but after only two weeks of P.volve, I got a six-pack! I had a baby a couple of years ago, and I never thought that would happen! I've been doing P.volve for about two months now, and the results continue to astound me. 

I really can't thank P.volve enough. I hope you stream videos forever, because I plan to do this program until my dying day!”

1. Favorite piece of P.volve equipment?
My favorite piece of P.volve equipment is the resistance band; I love the challenge of keeping it taut while performing various moves.

2. Favorite P.volve move?
The P.volve movements are so unique. As someone with inflammatory arthritis, I love that the moves are gentle and encourage flexibility and yet also strengthen and yield visible results. In particular, I enjoy side-lying movements. They are painful in the best possible way! 

3. Favorite P.volve streaming video?
I've enjoyed all of the P.volve videos, but my favorite so far has been "The Magic Guide" in which one maneuvers the resistance band around a water bottle or other stationary object. It's fun!

4. How I fit P.volve into my daily life?
For me, the key to working out consistently is really committing to it.  Although I try not be tyrannical towards myself, it's helpful for me to treat fitness like it's not an option: I've got to do it! I work out 5 times a week and fit it in whenever I can. However, it's not always easy... Whenever I'm in a plank position, my two-year-old son calls me a "tunnel" and wants to crawl over and under me! :)

We love it—P.volve for the whole family!

Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your experience with us. Keep crushing it!

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