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#WomenWhoCrushItWednesday - Elizabeth J. August 28, 18

#WomenWhoCrushItWednesday - Elizabeth J.

At P.volve, we love hearing about our clients’ progress, and seeing how they are crushing their workout game—no matter where, or how busy they are. We wanted to feature these ladies who are giving us some major inspo, so we started a #WomenWhoCrushItWednesday series here on the Pblog.

This week’s #WWCIW is none other than former Miss Michigan, Elizabeth. At a loss for how to beat her workout slump, she turned to Instagram for inspiration, which lead her to discover P.volve just in time to get ready for Miss USA. She came for the P.ball, and stayed for the results—which she continues to see without fail!

“I found out about P.volve through Instagram! I was so intrigued when I saw pictures of the P.ball and how P trains VS models. I honestly was so thankful to have found it when I did because at the time, I was leaving to compete for Miss USA and it was only a month away. I wasn't feeling confident in my body and took a chance with P.volve and the streaming program. Best decision ever- I was hooked! Not only because of the results, but because I literally got addicted to doing the workouts and how they made me feel!

P.volve is the only progam that has made such a significant impact on my body and consistently keeps my body challenged. I honestly hated doing cardio before I found P.volve, so I love that they actually encourage you NOT to do cardio for best results! As soon as I cut out the cardio (which was easy) I really noticed my results. After trying programs like Brazil Butt Lift, Pilates, etc. I found that my body would plateau and I got bored easily. P.volve is always evolving and coming out with new plans, workouts, blog tips and that really keeps me motivated!” 

Pvolve Before After

1. Favorite piece of equipment? 
I love the P.ball, of course, and it is what got me hooked on the program! But my favorite pieces are the resistance ankle bands! I love what they have done to lean out my legs and thighs and I like that the heavy and light have different purposes. I can really feel them work during the workouts! They are also really easy & light for travel!

2. Favorite move?
I am a big fan of floor work. I love when we do glute work on the floor with the ankle bands and weights, and sideline leg work with the resistance bands. I love the stepping patterns and side leg lifts while standing-- even the smallest move, you can feel it working!

3. Favorite streaming video?
A couple of my favorite videos are "Body Tight, Thighs Toned" and "Band on the Move". Those are what really got me hooked on the program. My body was shaking after and I always feel lean and tight. I am also obsessed with the 6-Day Program and did that on repeat before Miss USA and any time I have an event or photoshoot! 

4. How I incorporate P.volve into your daily life?
I love being able to filter the workouts by equipment and time! I workout at home in the morning or sometimes I will workout on my lunch break.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for sharing your progress with us. We love hearing that P.volve truly resonates with you and your lifestyle—your results don’t lie! Keep on P.volving on! 

Have a P.volve story that you'd like to share? We want to hear from you! Email for a chance to be featured and earn some P.swag!

Inspired by our #WWCIW? Sign up for a 15 day trial here to begin your own fitness evolution!


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Post by Stephen Pasterino

Hi, I'm P, founder of P.volve. I'm passionate about fitness, wellness, and all of the healthy lifestyle choices in between. Get more out of your workouts by staying up to date with our Blog, where I share all of my fitness secrets.

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