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How Working Out Works Your Mind, Too
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How Working Out Works Your Mind, Too

Most of the time, you probably think of your workouts as purely physical—arms burning, legs moving and sweat dripping down your face. It's what we want to feel during our workouts, but there's more to it than just the way your body moves. We know that exercise can't cure all of life's problems. What it can do, however, is help you prioritize your mental wellbeing.

First, working out releases endorphins throughout the body. That's why you always (always!) feel better post-sweat, no matter how badly you wanted to stay glued to the couch. Plus, it lets you focus on something you can feel good about. Movement is always good, positive and can have a life-changing effect on your mood. Lastly, your workouts can help you disconnect from the stressors of life like work, social media and personal issues. Just twenty minutes focused on workout can do wonders for your mind for the rest of the day. 

Any and all exercise can be a mood booster, but P.volve workouts, in particular, are a best case scenario for a total mind and body workout. That's because our method makes a distinct connection between mind and muscle, so you can activate your brain and understand the exact movements you're doing. And since we offer a variety of different classes, we're able to accomplish something different with each one.

Want to feel uplifted? Our 15-30 minute express Strength & Sculpt workouts were designed to elongate and elevate every muscle. We'll use functional movements to activate every muscle group, but in less time to leave you feeling strong and energized.

Or just need to focus? Our 30-60 minute Strength & Sculpt workouts use precise, controlled movements to activate hard-to-reach muscles. This full-length sculpting class will use precise resistance based movements, both with our specialized equipment or with your own body weight.

Sometimes, relaxing is the only option. Let yourself breathe and reboot with our Recover & Stretch workouts that use restorative techniques and flexibility exercises for a strong body and mind. 

On those days you need an energizing boost, our Cardio Burn workouts will deliver that faster pace using our signature sculpting moves. Here, you'll move to the beat of heart-thumping music to drive some serious results in every move.

This month, we're putting all of this together in the Mind Moves Challenge to help you get a stronger mind to build a stronger body. Together, both will allow you to transform this summer and help you reach whatever goals you set for yourself in the coming months.

Here’s how this fitness challenge works: Complete any 16 workouts from 7/8-7/31 in our library, or choose from curated list of videos designed to help you feel uplifted, focused, relaxed or energetic.  

Why 16? When it comes to exercise, it’s the sweet spot needed to help you build a long-lasting habit. Plus, four workouts per week allows you to see the best possible results for a strong body and mind. 

By the end of your 16 workouts, you’ll have built stronger habits and feel a deeper mind-body connectionFinish by 7/31 to earn 15% off your next equipment purchase. 

Ready to get started? Sign up for The Mind Moves Challenge now, and look out for more ways to transform your body and mind throughout the summer.