Why I Talk So Much During the Workout

Knees back, butt back, arms up, stomach in, heel up, heel down, externally rotate, hips closed... These are just a few of my favorite things to call out during the workouts. And if you’ve been streaming with me for a while, you might even start to think they are my catchphrases. Yes, I am guilty of talking (and then losing count) during our entire session, but trust me when I say it’s for your own good! I am a super fan of perfect form, as that is what will take your fitness evolution to the next level, allow you to unlock your body’s fullest potential, and most importantly keep you injury and pain free in the long run.

If you have ever visited my NYC studio for a class or trained with me privately, you’ll know that I am the exact same way off-camera-- it’s a pattern of showing the exercise, then explaining the motions nonstop while the client performs it. That’s why, in the streaming videos, I really want it to feel like I am right there with you and want to ensure you don’t lose form or focus. I know it can probably get annoying sometimes and you may want to mute me, but I promise it is all said in the efforts of helping you reach your goals.

 There is a lot going on in the P.volve program, from rotations and reaches to foot positions and hip placement, that may be completely new to you. Even if you have been working out with me for a while, you will always see new moves—just ask my wife and trainers! I am persistently learning and coming up with new exercises and new equipment to go after my client’s problem areas and get into those tiny, inactive muscles to truly sculpt them out. Some positions are more difficult than others, and I never want to throw you into a move without the full explanation of what it is working, where you should feel it, and exactly why we are doing it. 

We keep moves low-rep in this method for a reason, so I want you to be entirely focused on squeezing and engaging your muscles throughout every single one. Even though we may be doing a leg lift and working the lower body, we are still working the upper body by keeping our arms up for perfect posture, and engaging the stomach to protect the lower back while working the lower core—every move is a full body move. After a few intense reps, it is easy to forget about the upper body, which is why I will always be there to remind you! All I want you to do is show up to our sessions, be ready to put in the work and follow my cues. Even my clients who have been working out with me for years start to lose form halfway through the workouts, so don’t beat yourself up! Just stay focused and keep squeezing.

At the end of the day, P.volve is a program based on functional science. I have learned so much about the body--the joints, the muscles and how they all work together-- to get you into optimal shape not just from an appearance standpoint, but from a structural standpoint. Now, I want to teach you about how your body operates. I want you to understand that if you’re feeling stuck, or like you’ve hit a plateau and aren’t getting the results you’re looking for, there’s a reason— and I’m here to help you get the ball rolling again. There is a science behind each move we do, and I want you to have that foundational understanding so that you can be fully engaged with the workout—mind and body. The more you can learn and understand how your body moves and functions, not just during our workouts but in your everyday life, the quicker you will be able to unlock your body’s potential. We’re not just talking about a quick fix here, but about making long-lasting changes that will continue to produce results in and out of the gym.

All that is to say, bear with me while I talk; listen to my cues, focus on those exact muscles, and I guarantee that you will see the dramatic changes you have been waiting for!

I want to make these workouts as helpful for you as possible, so tell me, do you find the pointers helpful? Is there something you want me to explain even more in depth? Let me know in the comments below!

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