What RK Eats In A Day

I get asked a lot what I eat in day and I have to say, it totally varies! Everything from the season, what my schedule is like, how my body is feeling and what I’m currently looking to do for my body all factor in to my day to day choices. The one real constant, however, is that my day always consists of fruits and veggies, with berries and greens being top of the list.

One of the greatest things I’ve learned from P is how to become as in-tune with my body as possible—as much in the gym as in the kitchen. I grew up eating lots of processed fast foods and unnatural sugars which ultimately lead to many food sensitivities. In my early 20’s, I had lots of stomach issues and was unable to tolerate certain foods, with many ingredients leaving me bloated and overall not feeling well.

After going through an elimination diet, I was able to find out which foods reacted well with my body and those that reacted not so well. Going from constantly not feeling good after a meal to feeling energized and amazing is why I eat the way I do-- clean and natural. I am now at the point that I don’t miss a bag of chips, candy, or pre-packaged cookies because I remember how ill I would feel afterwards.

Typically, breakfast is either blueberries or raspberries when I first wake up, followed by water and vitamins (Vitamin B + E as well as some ashwagandha, to be exact). I have started having toast in the mornings recently, as I am trying to increase my daily carb intake when I can tell my body needs it. Oh, and black coffee with a shot of espresso and two squares of dark chocolate while catching up on emails all happens before 8AM, as well ;)

Our studio being in Chinatown in NYC, I have fallen in love with the Asian pears that are sold right outside. Lately my day has consisted of picking one up on the way to work and having half in the morning, half later in the day. They are super filling and HUGE!

Since I don’t wake up insanely hungry, I tend to eat more of full meal later in the day. I love making my Welleco protein powder smoothie for a late breakfast or lunch option. It’s packed with nutrients and protein, quick to make in the mornings, and can easily be brought to work. I was honestly never a fan of protein powders until I found this brand; the texture and taste is amazing and it has all the essential probiotics, amino acids, and vitamins I need for a midday boost!

Lunch is often a simple salad with left over protein, like my lemon herb chicken. I don’t like anything too filling that will make me want to take a nap in the middle of the day or slow me down, so I’ll keep things easy and usually add one or two veggies on top of my lettuce base and top with avocado or some type of carb, like sweet potato. If I go heavier on the carbs at lunch I usually won’t have them for dinner, but again, this depends on how much I have worked out and how my body is feeling that day. I never limit myself or say I can’t have this or that-- it’s all about fueling your body for what it needs to perform at its best!

Dinner is hands down my favorite meal of the day, and the largest. I love roasting or sautéing veggies (my go-to’s being zucchini, asparagus, mushroom, green beans, or carrots) with sweet potato, quinoa or brown rice and a protein. I have found that the simpler the better for my stomach, so I tend not to mix more than two veggie options together. I used to eat a ton of fish, but lately have been eating more chicken and red meat, specifically bison or lamb. Again, I listen to my body and recently found myself feeling put off from even seeing fish and craving more meat—so I listen! I don’t place limits on portion size either; I’ll fill my plate up with what I think I’ll eat and if I’m still hungry 20 minutes later, I’ll go back for more!

In the winter, dinner features lots of squash and root vegetables. In the summertime, my choices are usually lighter. I love eating seasonally, as I know I’m getting foods that are the most nutrient dense and are at their ripest (like my pears!). I also love making soups by simply steaming veggies and then blending them up with lemon, olive oil and herbs, as they are quick and easy to make and last a few days. I use a ton of herbs and seasonings to add flavor and even more health benefits to my food. Turmeric, paprika, and cumin are my favorites in the colder months and dill, cilantro, and rosemary when it’s warmer.

Last but not least, I’m always eating some dark (and I mean dark) chocolate before bed--95% cocoa or bust!

Creating that mind-body connection that P talks about in the gym is no less important when it comes to meal time, and I can’t emphasize enough how life-changing that has been for me. At the end of the day, my choices all come down to what my body tells me it needs to feel balanced and energized.

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