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Wedding Wednesday: How to Create a Consistent Workout Plan
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Wedding Wednesday: How to Create a Consistent Workout Plan

Whether you're a bridesmaid, the mother of the bride, or the one walking down the aisle, it can be difficult and stressful to prepare for the big day. And when it comes to wanting to look your best for the ceremony, it can seem pretty daunting and nearly impossible with all the other planning that needs to happen.

Just like any other scenario, planning ahead is key to getting in shape for a wedding. Below, we outlined a timeline to use as a guide for your wedding workout plan. Each month or week, you can make tweaks or readjust as needed. Or, if you’re someone who’s getting started on their pre-wedding plan a little last minute, don’t sweat it—you can use the outline as a guide anywhere on your journey, whether you’re walking down the aisle in two months or two weeks.

One year out
Decide on a goal. Is it to lose weight? Gain muscle? Tone your arms? Once you pick one or two realistic benchmarks, you can take the steps necessary to achieve them by picking a number of times per week you’ll schedule your workouts. If you’re able to workout three times, for instance, make sure to set yourself up for success by using a workout calendar to schedule the sessions, finding an accountability buddy, and implementing a rigid sleep schedule.

Nine months out
Take a moment to self-assess your weekly schedule: Does it feel comfortable? Stressful? Just right? Make adjustments as necessary. Continue tracking your progress as it pertains to the goals you set at the beginning. If you wanted to get more toned arms, for instance, check to see how much your arm strength has improved and try adding one more workout per week if you’re able.

Six months out
Here, you’ll want to pay close attention to your form to make sure you’re activating all muscles and can make adjustments if needed. Watch our tutorials to make sure you’re mimicking every movement to fully engage the abs, arms, and glutes. (And remember—there’s always room to up the ante with more advanced equipment, like the slant board.

Three months out
Begin implementing a more rigid plan for getting your steps in every day. Aim for anywhere from 8,000-11,000 steps to get enough distance without putting a ton of stress on the body. In addition, begin reducing your sugar intake if you haven’t already. This will regulate blood sugar, clear any skin imperfections, and help your muscles with inflammation, too.

More importantly, you’ll want to start taking time to meditate and reboot. With all the chaos of wedding planning and working out, you could easily lose sight of the goal and what’s really important, so take five minutes every morning to write down what you’re grateful for or anything else to start the day on a positive foot.

One month out
As the big day approaches, you may start getting even busier and have less time to factor in a workout. Pick 3 of your favorite 30-minute streaming videos, and stick to those when you aren’t able to fit a longer workout in.

One week out
You’ve already done the bulk of the work, so don’t be so hard on yourself if you have to miss a workout or two. You’ll without a doubt have last minute tasks to tend to, so finding time to wholeheartedly stick to the plan may not be in the cards.

If you haven’t already, make sure to reduce your sodium intake by cooking with only spices and avoiding salty foods. This will ideally help with any excess bloating before the wedding day.

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