Wedding Wednesday: 3 Moves For Each Wedding Dress Silhouette

It’s the time of year when so many brides are working to get “wedding ready” with a clean diet and consistent workout routine. But this time around, we want to make sure brides everywhere are sweating for the wedding where it matters most and using that to keep the momentum going even after the big day.

Each move below has been carefully chosen to fit a dress style—think arm lifts for a strapless dress—so you can ensure you're targeting all the right spots before walking down the aisle. And be sure to bookmark the moves for after your honeymoon to keep the momentum going for the long term.

For a mermaid-style dress...
A dress that fits snug at the hips and fishtails to the floor requires a focus on the butt and thighs. Here, the p.ball comes in handy most and specifically targets the inner thighs, too.

MOVE 1: The Side Lying Press
Keep the legs opened at 90 degrees. Open against the strap of the ball, then close and squeeze
MOVE 2: Side Lying Straight Leg Press 
In the same position, keep a straight leg at 45 degrees. Lift and lower the leg against the strap.
MOVE 3: Bridge Hovered Press
Lie on your back with feet externally rotated. Drive the hips up from the glutes, squeeze in from the knees, and release before slowly lowering back to the floor.
Perform 8 reps per move and repeat on opposite side.

For a strapless dress…
No sleeves, no problem. These moves will give you perfectly sculpted arms and shoulders using the
Strapless dress workout | P.volve
MOVE 1: All Fours - Single Arm Lift
Lift arm straight to shoulder height, and slowly return to floor.
MOVE 2: Tricep Lift
In same position, swing left arm back and hover with palm up towards the ceiling, making sure to squeeze the tricep at the top.
MOVE 3: Fist Tricep Bend
Perform the same move using your fist instead of open palm.
Perform 8 reps per move and repeat on opposite side.

For a ball gown…
To accentuate the waist and tone the arms even more, do these moves with hand weights.

Ballgown Wedding Dress Workout | P.volve
MOVE 1: Open Arms Chest Fly  
Start with arms forward at 6:00. Step right foot back with heel all the way up as arms open across the length of your shoulders.
MOVE 2: Steering Wheel Arms
In same foot positioning, keep arms in frontal plane and move in circular motion like a steering wheel.
MOVE 3: Double Arms Press Forward
Start in a p.sit with elbows tight against ribs. With palms up, move into a deeper p.sit, allowing your biceps to move upwards as you squeeze.
Perform 8 reps per move and repeat on opposite side.

For a plunging back dress…
Focus on total upper body and shoulder moves with hand weights.   

Low Back Wedding Dress Workout | P.volve
MOVE 1: Side-Step Arm Drive
Starting in a p.sit, step to the side in a soft lunge and drive the arms from the ankles to the shoulders.
MOVE 2: Internal Side-Step Arm Press
Staying in the same side lunge position, move into a soft lunge with palms facing in and rotate spine as eyes follow arm to ceiling.
MOVE 3: Side-Step Rotation
Start with legs split, keeping both heels down. Hinge at the hips down and pull arms back up to shoulders. Repeat on 45 degree angle.
Perform 8 reps per move and repeat on opposite side.

Stay tuned for more tips on Wedding Wednesday and be sure to try our 15-day free trial to start your fitness revolution.