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Wedding Ready: The Emotional Benefits of Working Out
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Wedding Ready: The Emotional Benefits of Working Out

Sweating for the wedding is a great way to motivate yourself before heading down the aisle, but it can quickly turn into something destructive instead of something productive. Getting “wedding ready” shouldn’t only be about physical changes you’re seeing; it should be a total transformation for your mind, body, and soul so you can make the most of the days leading up to your big moment.

Most wedding workout plans can get you toned arms and a lifted butt, (especially with our equipment) but what can they do for everything else? Read on for how to use fitness for more than just the body before heading down the aisle.

It’ll help clear your mind.
Get this: Exercising regularly doesn’t only help your body move better; it helps your brain work better, too. Working out can help create new neurons and increase blood flow in the brain, allowing you to think more clearly and refocus priorities—after the workout is complete, of course.

You’ll sleep better.
Research shows a strong correlation between sleep and exercise, which can obviously help your entire wedding planning routine. Implementing a regular exercise routine into your schedule helps your body become extra alert during the day and more sleepy at night when it matters. And when you get enough Zzz’s at night, you’ll be more inclined to stay focused the next day no matter what your priorities are.

You can better manage your stress.
Planning got you anxious? Try heading to a class instead of the couch. Studies show that getting your heart rate up helps regulate your body’s stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. With a low-impact workout like P.volve, these hormones are even further regulated and don’t result in inflammation or higher levels of these hormones when the workout is over.

You can boost your mood.
If you’re knee-deep in wedding planning, you might want to up your fitness game. According to research, moving the body helps increase serotonin and endorphins (instant mood lifters) and helps decrease chemicals in the brain that lead to depression and anxiety. It’s no wonder so many of us leave the P.volve studio smiling from ear to ear!

For more wedding tips, learn how you can create a consistent pre-wedding fitness routine.

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