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Simplify Your Beauty & Fitness with Lindsay Ellingson of Wander Beauty
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Simplify Your Beauty & Fitness with Lindsay Ellingson of Wander Beauty

You know that mountain of beauty products you have stacked on your vanity? How about the not-so-secret overflow stashed in your drawers and behind the bathroom mirror? From the makeup minis in line at checkout (it gets you every time) to freebies that seem to come in every piece of snail mail (was that a perfume sample in the latest cable bill?), what starts out as a well-intentioned minimalist beauty routine all too easily looks more like an episode of Hoarders.

And yet, whenever it actually comes time to get ready, we tend to stick to the same few products. Think of your go-to’s as the ones you’d pack in your gym bag before work—the one’s that you really truly can’t go a day without. More than likely, you also tend to use them as multi-purpose products, even though they aren’t supposed to be (that lipstick can totally work as blush, right?). Now, imagine a beauty brand that is founded on this very concept, making not only your gym and travel routine a breeze, but your everyday routine!

Meet Lindsay Ellingson, co-founder of Wander Beauty (and avid P.volver). As a model, Ellingson was inspired by her constantly on-the-go lifestyle to create a range of multi-tasking products that eliminated the guesswork and stress out of her beauty routine. Knowing this, we couldn’t help but feel the chemistry; like P.volve, Wander is made for the “time-starved” woman who is all about efficiency and effectiveness (and portability, of course).

We caught up with Lindsay after a session at the studio to find out her best tips for beauty and fitness on-the-go.

Lindsay Ellingson Wander Beauty

What is your winter morning routine?
No matter the season, the first thing I do in the morning is cuddle with my cockapoo Carly, she sleeps burrowed under the covers between my husband and me which always puts a smile on my face. I resist the urge to stay in bed by immediately turning up my heater and putting on a pot of coffee. I juice an entire lime into a cup of warm water and drink it about 30 minutes before eating anything to cleanse my body.

In the winter my skin needs a little extra love so I treat my undereyes with Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks while I sip my coffee and catch up on emails. I change up my makeup routine by mixing a few drops of Glow Ahead Face Oil into my Nude Illusion Foundation to keep my skin hydrated and glowing all day.

What was your inspiration behind Wander?
Wander Beauty is inspired by women on-the-go. As a model, I was always traveling. I had packing down to a science, but my beauty bag was constantly cluttered. No brand was truly speaking to my multitasking lifestyle - I didn’t have hours to get ready each day, and most brands push dozens of steps and products to create even the most natural look.

When I met Divya, Wander’s other Co-Founder, we bonded over our love of travel and beauty, but she was feeling the same way about her beauty routine as she balanced motherhood and her career. We created Wander Beauty to deliver fewer, better beauty essentials to keep time-starved women gorgeous on the go.

How does Wander accommodate the girl on the go?
All of our products are multitaskers! Whether it’s a dual-ended blush and highlighter stick, a multipurpose face oil in a travel-ready tube, or a hair refresher that absorbs oil and sweat while adding volume, we are always thinking of how we can best serve the time-starved woman. Whether you’re getting ready in the back of a cab or at the gym, our multitaskers are made to go with you.

Wander Beauty

What are your best gym beauty tips, and what are your go-to refresh products after a workout?
For a workout, I won’t put on a ton of makeup - I usually stick to our Unlashed Mascara, since it is water resistant. One light coat makes my lashes pop without looking overly done up. I always like to wear a cute gym set, too. My favorites are Alo Yoga and Athleta, as the comfortable fabrics and flattering designs always leave me feeling confident and motivated!

Post-workout, I’m all about our new Extra Mileage Hair Refresher, which is an innovative liquid hair refresher that absorbs oil and sweat while adding volume and texture to hair. It’s a must-have for mornings when I work out and head straight to the office. I also love to workout wearing a scrunchie, to avoid any sort of crease in my hair, making it easier to get going post-workout.

P.volve is all about longevity, anti-inflammation and anti-aging—would you say the same for Wander?
Yes! On top of creating multitaskers, ingredients are extremely important to us as a brand. We formulate all of our products with skin-loving ingredients that work with your skin, not against it. We’re also obsessed with glowing skin, which is why we’ve stepped even further into skincare with our No Days Off kit, which includes a new cleanser and moisturizer.

Lindsay Ellingson P.volve

How do you get back on track after the craziness of the holidays?
During the holidays, I let myself indulge but I don't overdo it. I won’t deprive myself, but I make sure that I balance the treats with healthy, nourishing food. Since my husband and I travel a ton during the holidays, I make a concentrated effort to squeeze in movement throughout the season. That’s why I love P.volve - all I need is my phone or iPad and I can squeeze in a workout anywhere. Maintaining my habits through this crazy time of year makes it easier to get back into my usual routine come January.

Do you have any goal setting rituals that you use at the beginning of the year - as it relates to you and your business?
This New Year’s Eve, instead of going to a party, I did a meditation and yoga class to set some goals for the year. Each time I take a class, I check in with my progress. It’s a nice way to gently remind myself of my intentions. I find I’m most productive when I set daily, weekly and monthly goals for myself. I bought myself a new journal so I could keep track of my daily to-do’s and progress. I also started listening to a new podcast, The Marie Forleo Podcast. She always gives positive and practical business advice which helps to keep me motivated, especially when I’m struggling to meet a goal.

After a long week I like to treat myself-- it’s one of my favorite rituals. The best way I reward myself is with beauty treatments. I’ll take a long bath, get a foot massage or shop for new beauty must-haves. Rewarding myself weekly helps to re-energize that drive inside!  

You can find all of Lindsay’s favorites by visiting Wander Beauty and following her on Instagram @Lindsellingson.

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