A Valentine's Q&A with P & RK

For every great idea, brand or company, there is always a great mind behind it all. When it comes to P.volve, there are two-- and they just so happen to be married to each other. 

While the method behind P.volve was developed by Stephen Pasterino himself, his wife Rachel Katzman, founder of Cuvée Beauty, has been an integral lifeline in the everyday business behind-the-scenes.

In honor of Valentine's Day happening this Thursday, we asked our favorite power couple for some details behind the love story that started it all.

(And for an added twist, we asked them to answer separately to get both sides of the story!)

How did you meet?
RK: He was my trainer. We trained for 7 months before we ever went out or saw each other outside the gym!

P: We first met in the stairwell of the old gym I worked in previously. We had a private session set up and I found her lost in the stairwell looking for the gym. 

What was your first impression of the other?
RK: HOT, kind, caring, and finally somebody who knew what they were talking about when it came to fitness!

P: I was very intrigued and curious-- I had never met anyone before with her type of style, attitude, and overall persona.

Who made the first move?
RK: Me.

P: She made the first 4-5 moves until I couldn’t hold back anymore. 

What did you do for your first date?
RK: We went to a park in the city and made out for hours ;)

P: I took her to Roosevelt Park.

When did you know he/she was the one?
RK: Quickly after we started dating we went away to Europe together and then moved in after that. I think when you travel with somebody that is the ultimate test!

P: I first knew she was the one when I invited her to come to Europe with me for a week 

Give us the proposal story!
RK: We were in Paris and he took me to the steps from midnight in Paris (one of our favorite movies). He took me into a small lit up alleyway and got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. That, followed by an overwhelming amount of tears.

P: I took her on a walk through Paris where I found a quiet, medieval alley next to old church which was the perfect place to propose.

What is it like to work with your spouse? What is the best part? and most challenging part? How do you keep work and relationship separate?
RK: It has its challenges, but I love being able to work with somebody who I truly trust. I can go to him for advice and he’ll give me his honest opinion. It’s also super exciting as both of our companies are growing and we are experiencing this time in our careers together. It’s nice because we are in two separate areas of the business, I am more involved in the behind-the-scenes side and he is more into the creative side.

The most challenging part is if something goes wrong with work, making sure to not let that creep back home into our personal life. We are in full start-up mode and it’s hard to separate work/personal life but we try to have a nightly routine of eating dinner together, playing with our kitties, watching a show, reading together in bed, taking a steam, etc. and try not to talk about work. But it always ends up coming up in conversation because so much is happening that it’s too exciting not to talk about!

P: Working with Rachel has both positives and negatives. The best part is that it brings us closer together and improved our ability to work together in other ways. Building a business together builds your relationship and improved our ability to cooperate with each other. The negative side is that it distracts us from being a romantic couple. After we have been together all week working together we don’t feel the need to go out or do special couples things as often, so it might push the pendulum out of balance. 

I haven’t yet found out how to keep work and relationship separate. I’m not sure it is even possible because we often get creative together and bounce ideas off one another constantly. If we go out on a date and start drinking and feeling loose we end up talking about work, coming up with ideas, and get excited about them. I love doing this, but again we are talking about work—we’re working on it!

And now to test how well you really know each other!

Name the other’s favorite…

RK: P’s favorite is Italian, specifically fresh tomato basil pasta.
(Answer: Spaghetti with tomatoes basil in Capri)

P: Rachel’s favorite is zucchini pasta.
(Answer: Zucchini)

Movie/TV show?
RK: P loves anything National Geographic/animals!
(Answer: Game of Thrones)

P: Rachel loves Real Housewives.
(Answer: Real Housewives)

RK: P’s favorite drink is a spritz!
(Answer: Corona light)

P: Rachel’s favorite drink is an Aperol Spritz.
(Answer: Red wine)

Place to vacation?
RK: P’s favorite spot is Africa.
(Answer: Africa)

P: Rachel’s favorite spot is Ibiza.
(Answer: Ibiza)

Guilty pleasure?
RK: P’s guilty pleasure is pizza.
(Answer: Pizza)

P: Rachel’s guilty pleasure is coconut ice cream.
(Answer: Spray tans!)

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