Try This 3-Move Ab Workout for a Quick Core Boost

Sometimes, less is more. It's especially true when it comes to our boost workouts. These add-ons are part of the Summit 60 Challenge, as a way to add a little extra burn onto your daily workout. Each one is no more than 10 minutes long and has different targeted focuses for variety.

You might be thinking that ten minutes isn't a long enough time to get in a good burn, but since every single one of our movements has purpose, they act as a solid alternative to a full-length workout. Try these moves for a quick ab workout below.

Plank Steps 

Start in a high plank position with feet wide. Reach right hand out in front of you a few inches, then bring back to starting position. Squeeze glutes as you tap forward and drive opposite hand into the mat for support. Repeat 8 times on both sides. 

Knee Extend 

Start on your back with legs up in the air at 90 degrees. Reach heels away from body a few inches, then squeeze to bring them back to starting position. Repeat 8 times. 

Hinge & Twist 

Start in a seated position, hinging back from the hips. Reaching arms out long in front of you, drive one elbow back as you twist to the opposite side, then switch and twist to the opposite side. Exhale on each twist and allow your eyes to follow elbows. Repeat 8 times. 

For the full Summit Boost: Abs workout, head to our streaming platform. 

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