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Travel Tips: The importance of building a steady routine while you travel
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Travel Tips: The importance of building a steady routine while you travel

One of the best parts of summer is being able to travel more, and getting to see new places, relax outside, and spend time with family and friends. But oftentimes, traveling can bring a bit of stress and chaos from being taken out of your normal routine.

Building a steady, consistent schedule is essential for managing everything properly—whether that be finances, flight schedules, family dinners, or a workout regimen. Ahead, we offer our best tips for staying grounded and keeping a steady routine even when on the road.

Be 100% prepared
If you’re spending the majority of the summer traveling, you’ll need to have your gear with you to stick to a healthy routine. Pack your most essential P.volve equipment and bring at least one workout outfit with you for weekends away so you can squeeze in a workout at the gym, the beach, or your hotel room. Plus, working out while traveling helps you get back in the swing of things when back home.

Sleep soundly
Traveling can take a serious toll on your sleep schedule, so it’s important to keep a consistent cadence whenever possible. If you know you’ll be away on an upcoming weekend, be sure to stick to a strict schedule during the week. And if you’re traveling non-stop throughout the entire summer, take advantage of helpful sleep apps or relaxing teas if necessary.

Fuel up
We all know how hard it can be to find healthy food at the airport. Instead of loading up on salty snacks or sweets before boarding a flight, bring your own or do research beforehand to learn exactly where to find what you’re looking for. Or, if you’re packing your bags for a long road trip with friends, make it a fun potluck where everyone brings something healthy to share.

Budget wisely

Getting into a routine when traveling can seriously help save money in the long run. Keep a log of every dime spent on everything including flights, happy hour drinks, and additional expenses. If possible, give yourself a spending budget every week or month according to your income with the goal of having the same amount (or close to it) in your bank account at the beginning of the summer as you will at the end of the summer.   

Take time for yourself

Above all, it’s crucial to set boundaries for yourself and prioritize self-care when traveling. Think face masks, meditation, and stretches as things that are easy to incorporate even when on-the-go. Factor in these practices ahead of times so they’re 100% guaranteed to happen. Be mindful, present, and grateful to make traveling even more bearable and enjoyable regardless of your plans.

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