P's Top Tips on How To Stay Healthy In College

Well, September lasted about 2 seconds. The first two weeks of October have come and gone, which means we are well underway into the start of a new school year. Whether you headed off to college for the first time this fall, or geared up for another year, I hope you’re as excited as I was when I was in your shoes. Back to school always meant seeing friends (old and new), shopping for new clothes and school supplies, and a chance to start fresh. But it also meant back to more rigorous scheduling, getting organized, balancing classes and social life, all while still trying to stay healthy.

I loved college; I majored in political science and have always enjoyed learning and educating myself. But I only began to excel in school when I learned how to manage my schedule, maximize my time, and truly prioritize everything from studying to writing papers to seeing friends and especially time for myself!

The gym played a HUGE role for me—not just in staying healthy, but in keeping my overall mindset and motivation on track. I spent hours each week training for the sports I played in high school, but it was in college that I truly discovered the gym for what it could do for my mind as well as my body. Making the gym a priority and putting in the work and focus was hugely transformative for my confidence, and ultimately my grades and social life.

Along with the workouts came a shift in the way I fed myself. After a while of not making the healthiest decisions due to a tight student budget, I began to educate myself on the right foods and ingredients to eat to better take care of myself. After a few months of making some diet tweaks, my previously problematic skin was glowing and I was back to feeling good about myself.

Long story short, college is hard enough, so if staying active and healthy can make it all a little bit easier, then let’s go for it! Below you’ll find some tips and tricks I learned along the way, and even some insight from a current college student Caitlin who streams with me!

Caitlin: As a senior at the University of Michigan, I have felt the endless pressure to balance a healthy lifestyle while keeping up with school work and countless commitments. It was challenging to get into a routine where I felt productive, efficient, and most importantly felt good about what I was doing. I always felt as though I never had enough time in a day to do it all, which defaulted to focusing on school and neglecting my health. Throughout my college adjustment period, I began to recognize just how important it is to take care of myself, and in return, my mind and body is ready to take on any challenge that crosses my path. 

Fitness has become more popular than ever, and nowadays there are so many different classes, gyms and streaming options available—much more than when I was at school! My rule of thumb, regardless of where you’re at in life, has always been to find a workout schedule that fits YOUR lifestyle, nobody else’s.

Whether just 15 minutes or a full 90 minutes, whether in the gym or in your dorm, as long as you show up and commit, the where and when doesn’t matter! You can also check out my previous post on creating your workout space no matter where you are, and keeping motivated!

 Caitlin: Based on my schedule, I like to start each morning with P.volve streaming and depending on the day I will workout anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. I like checking my workout off my to-do list in the morning so that I am not thinking about it the rest of the day. I also love feeling energized and fulfilled for the day!

During big transitions in life, like college, I think it is most important that we listen to our bodies and find a daily routine that alleviates undue pressure. The p.volve streaming has made the act of working out the easiest part of my routine. Meaning, no more stress from driving in traffic to make a class or walking into the gym to find all the treadmills are taken and there’s no place to do abs. Anywhere and anytime, I can set up my laptop and within seconds I am immersed in a challenging workout.

Food and fitness go hand & hand. You can work out 7 days a week, run 10 miles a day, but if you aren’t feeding your body the proper nutrients it needs, your hard work will never show off. It’s easy to fall into the habits of getting something fast and greasy when in a rush, eating that 3AM slice of pizza, or relying on pre-packaged, over-processed foods. Luckily, there are so many more healthy choices available to us now, even on the go. Be sure to still be cautious when selecting from this plethora of “healthy” options, and always check ingredient labels for added sugars, sodium, etc. even on what appear to be the healthiest of pre-packaged foods (you can never be too trusting of food marketing!).

If you have always wanted to learn to cook, there is no better time than in college! With Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, there are endless ways to find a good nutritious meal that doesn’t require a lot of time or complicated ingredients. I even started a section on the p.volve YouTube channel for meals that my clients and I love to make, so be sure to check those out!

Caitlin: After I workout I will eat breakfast, having fresh mint tea with lemon and some coconut yogurt or oatmeal (something I know that will keep me full until I get out of class). Throughout the day, I make sure to drink a ton of water and stay hydrated. I typically always have snacks in my backpack, such as fruits, carrots, cucumbers, snap peas, etc. I like to get seasonally fresh produce when I do my grocery shopping and buy enough for snacks and dinner for the school week. Additionally, I have learned that having heathy food options prepared in your fridge helps you avoid snacking on junk food that is lying around the dorm/apartment/house.

I also found my love for cooking when I got to college, and now I enjoy making dinner with my friends every night! I used to stress about where I was getting dinner from, how I was getting it, and I never felt quite satisfied after eating it. Now, I always keep grains and starches in my pantry, like rice, quinoa, farro, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. and keep some frozen veggies stocked in the freezer for quick and easy options I can feel good about.

Lastly, to celebrate getting back to school—and getting back to YOU!—we are launching a student discount on p.volve streaming and equipment! College is a time where you learn so much about who you are as a person, and I really encourage you to take this time to learn about your body as well. This is the time where you can create habits that last a life-time, so why not create healthy and smart ones? To get started today, simply register with your student email here!

I know the levels of confidence these habits have brought me to, and I want to be able to help you get there, too. In addition to the student discounts, I will be continuing our college pop-up tour this fall, so comment below where you would like to see me show up, and any other tips & tricks you have for staying healthy in school that other students could benefit from!