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Three Moves to Strengthen Your Shoulders
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Three Moves to Strengthen Your Shoulders

Working your upper body isn’t just about sculpted biceps and toned triceps; it’s about building proper mobility and strength so that your entire body can work in unison together. 

And that mobility and strength all starts with the shoulders. Ready to start firing them up? Read on for more information and three moves to keep in your back pocket.

What is the best way to tone arms?

Incorporating upper-body work into your workouts 2-3 times per week will help tone your arms. Be mindful of keeping your arms engaged throughout every movement, even when not using equipment.

How long does it take to tone arms?

Arm tone and strength depends on a variety of factors including fitness level and level of engagement. Start small with 1-2 arm-focused workouts per week, adding more as you build more strength and gain more mobility in your shoulders and back. 

What exercises should I do to tone my arms?

Focus on moves that strengthen every area of the arms as well as the back and postural muscles for better overall support. These include moves that allow you to elongate the arms, open through your chest and find extra tension using resistance bands.

Want complete upper-body strength? Maeve is here to demonstrate her favorite moves using the, p.3 trainer ball and hand weights. Follow below to get started.


Start standing with slight resistance on the and palms up in a tucked position. Lift arms towards shoulder height without rounding in your chest. Return to tucked position and squeeze shoulder blades together.


Start in a standing internal 45 position. Moving from your back, reach the p.3 ball overhead as far as you can control. Slowly return to starting position, squeezing from the lats and back of your shoulders.


Begin standing with arms in a box position. Squeeze shoulder blades together. Sit and press arms forward while squeezing your chest. Extend and bend your elbows while maintaining shoulder alignment.