The Story Behind the

The new is my second brainchild, and has been nearly three years in the making. I am beyond thrilled to announce that is it finally here, and figured I’d give a little backstory on it’s creation.

Back when I first began training, I was obsessed with tackling the main trouble areas-- the areas that women were coming to my studio and telling me were impossible to fix. Impossible, huh? Challenge accepted.

Taking one trouble zone at a time, I set out to do what few had successfully done before. My clients’ greatest vice—the inner thighs—became my greatest test, and I was determined to create the ultimate piece of equipment to target and tone up. Thus, the P.ball was born, but I couldn’t stop there. Next up was the armpit and batwing. 

My clients wanted to tone their arms without doing the traditional bicep curls and triceps extensions that they felt were putting on size and making their arms bigger. My whole approach has always focused on using resistance rather than weight (the heaviest being the 3lb ankle weights), so I felt it was only natural that the arms deserve this same kind of attention. This way of thinking lead to the concept of the

Once I had the idea for the, the exercises themselves all came flooding to mind thanks to my background in competitive swimming. As an entirely resistance-based sport, swimming happened to give me the leanest and most toned arms of my life, strengthening the muscles while at once lengthening them. The arm motions of swimming inspired the workouts, and the goal here is essentially the same: to carve the arms into solid, lean muscles that are always being lengthened and streamlined rather than compacted.

The key attributes of the are three-fold. First, the gloves enable you to secure the bands to your hands whilst still performing the arm and hand motions without restriction. Second, the length of the band is very specific, and took months of trial and error before I finally found the perfect length to allow for full-range of motion moves while keeping constant tension. Third, and this piggy-backs off the second point, is that the band is meant to be tight; keeping that constant tension on the band will keep constant resistance in the arms, without having to push out of your personal range of motion. You don’t want to push past that range before you’re ready—your range will differ from the person next to you and will increase over time. It is all about putting the resistance into the muscles, not how far you can stretch the band. If you feel it, it’s working. Simple as that!  

When performing the exercises, the arm and hand positions dictate which part of the arm and shoulder are being worked; even the slightest angle adjustment will hit different parts of the muscles, sculpting them out and making the arms stronger as a whole. Every exercise has an element of lengthening, in turn preventing muscle density (aka the infamous “bulking” effect) and leaving them well-proportioned to your body.

Suffice it to say, I’m insanely excited to introduce the to your workouts. My clients who’ve already put it to the test can’t get enough, and now, it’s your turn.

If you haven’t already ordered your, be sure to do so here and check out this week’s latest streaming workouts to get those guns ready for summer—the results come fast, so it’s never too late to start!