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The P.volve Team Shares Their Favorite Lessons From Mom
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The P.volve Team Shares Their Favorite Lessons From Mom

From short and sweet phrases that stick in our minds, to lifelong lessons that words alone could never have imparted, we inevitably learn a lot from mom. Sometimes, she seems to always know exactly what to say, while other times, it’s not until later in life that her pearls of wisdom ring true. But no matter when her words (and actions) actually sink in, she’s been there for us all along the way.

In honor of all moms everywhere this Mother’s Day, we collected the greatest mom lessons from the team at P.volve HQ by posing the following question: 

What’s one thing you have learned from Mom, or what’s one thing you’ve learned from being a mom?

"Positivity. My mom is the most positive, selfless, and patient person I know. She puts others before herself and always sees the best in everyone. Whenever I get stressed or overwhelmed, I try my best to channel my mom and her positivity!"                                                                                  - Ali McCowan, Community Manager

"One thing I have learned from my mom (by observation) is that you really can master the art of aging gracefully—and beautifully."
                                                                         - Kelly Murphy, E-commerce Director

"To always find my voice. My mom taught me at a very young age that if you don’t speak your mind, someone else will speak it for you."
                                                                                         - Amy Martin, VP Marketing

“Everything in moderation.”
                                                                    - Christine Long, Social Media Associate

"Treat others the way you want to be treated."
                                                                                              - Rachel Katzman, CEO

"To always bring a jacket, even if I don’t think I need it."
                                                                                    - Remy Schneier, HR Manager

"As a mom, particularly as a traveling and working mom, I have learned that you want to wake up each day feeling your very best. So even when things feel pressed, working out and eating right is so important. You have to be present, treat your body well and feel confident. You want to show your kids healthy habits, as it helps them get through their days. Ultimately, my kids are active because I am active. I want to live each day to the fullest to enjoy every minute of both parenthood and running a business."
                                                                                        - Julie Cartwright, President

"Wow! Hard for me to pick just one thing [that I’ve learned from my mom], but I would have to say she demonstrated being the matriarch of our family; the breadwinner. Raising 4 kids with grace, selflessness, resiliency, and the most patience I’ve ever known to reside in anyone, my mom is a true leader and teacher willing to drop anything at anytime for any one of her kids."
                                                        - Evan Lee Breed, Director of Talent and Training

"I learned from my mom that it is possible to achieve your dreams if you work hard for them. She would always say ‘No one is born with knowledge; they study and learn to become that person.’ So she encouraged me to get educated and work hard for what I wanted."
                                                                               - Celestine Atalie, Master Trainer

"One thing I’ve learned from my mom is that everybody makes mistakes. You hear this phrase often, but over the past few years, whether in my professional career, friendships, relationships and beyond, she always reiterated this to me. She reminds me that nobody is perfect and we can only learn from our mistakes to better ourselves for the future. I can always rely on her to keep me grounded, calm, and to keep my head up for everything and anything that comes my way. She’s truly my pillar of support and always listens to me (whether she wants to or not!)"
                                                                           - Samantha Cowit, Email Marketing

"It’s difficult to say just one thing I’ve learned from my Mom. She’s truly my real-life version of superwoman and by far the strongest, hardest working person I’ve ever met. From a young age, no matter what I was doing, she always inspired me to give 110%. No matter how many times someone tells her she can’t do something or gets pushed town, she gets back up that much stronger. Her ability to work extremely hard and to not be afraid of failure is truly something to be admired."
                                                                  - Jaclyn Fried, Partnerships Coordinator

"One thing I’ve learned from being a mom is that you can’t slack on the self-care. Sometimes you might get the feeling that you should be sacrificing everything for your kid(s), and might even feel guilty if you indulge in something for yourself. But setting aside time to take care of yourself mentally and physically ensures you’ll be able to take care of your family. You can’t pour from an empty cup!”
                                                         - Naomi Oriol, Director of Customer Experience

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