What Earth Day Means to Us

We can all agree that Earth Day feels a little bit different this year. Instead of being able to celebrate together in person, we’re forced to find our own ways to contribute to the good of the environment. The good news? It can be done, no matter how small, even from the comfort of our own homes.

The P.volve method isn’t just about the workout; it’s also about what we do before and after the workout that helps make a positive contribution to the world. Since the beginning, P.volve has had a strong connection to nature—with all of our trainers' love of hiking and the outdoors, our commitment to offering seasonal recipes and our workouts that help you thrive wherever you go outside of class.

Since then, we’ve made bigger strides to make more sustainable, eco-conscious choices throughout our brand in whatever way possible. We recently updated our slant board to be made of environmentally-friendly bamboo material. And when you receive your equipment packages in the mail, you’ll see a lot less plastic in the box than in previous years. Plus, we’re committed to using less plastic in all three of our studios.

Even more than the physical ways we can help the planet, Earth Day is about the connectedness of people. We’re lucky enough to have a streaming platform and a community that’s all about that—our trainers’ connections to you, and all of your connections to each other.

There are so many more ways we can keep improving our sustainability practices as equipment creators, a studio space and a global fitness method. Stay tuned—we have so much more to share soon!